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<title>New Saxon Terms & Conditions of Membership</title>

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New Saxon
Site Terms & Conditions


This is a
notice for all new and current users of NewSaxon.Org


USA Citizens
must be age 18 to open an account on this site.  Those from other nations
must be of legal maturity in the jurisdiction of your residence in order to open
an account.


When viewing
this site you are required upon registration to fill out the user information or
profile page. We ask that you try not to keep any field empty in the user
information profile of your account. Inappropriate content will be purged upon
the sole decision of our moderator team. This includes but is not limited to
swear words and nude photos.

If by chance you are a supporter of the National Socialist Movement or any other
NSM entity, you must specify this during registration if you would like to be
recognized as a Party Member / Supporter. Upon claiming membership of the Party
we require that you give your rank (If SS or ST), unit, unit leaders name (If
Known).  Party Supporters are kindly asked to give their location and the
name used when sending in a Supporter form.

Upon failure to follow the above guidelines your membership to NewSaxon.Org will
be deleted upon the sole decision of our staff. This policy includes and is not
limited to those claiming to be a member of the NSM.

Guest access is limited however you may browse the website in the public areas as much
as you like €“ however if you decide to register an account we require the
completion of account profile information and a valid email address which will
be verified. Those who register with bogus email addresses will be purged from
the system without notice.

All user information is stored on our secure servers. Please see our Privacy
Policy as to clearly understand what information we gather and how we use that
information.  By opening an account on NewSaxon.Org you are agreeing to the
terms of the NSM Network Privacy Policy.  To view our policy copy and paste
into your browser the following URL:


By signing up
for an account at NewSaxon.org you are unconditionally opting in NSM approved
email campaigns.  These campaigns will be from the NewSaxon.org sponsor
NSM88 Records which helps to keep your membership free and eliminates the need
to require fund drives.  The NSM may also send email campaigns regarding
upcoming events such as rallies, concerts and other activities important to our
community as a whole.  The NSM will never, under any circumstances sell,
lease or share our user databases.  User databases are guarded and access
limited to NSM Administrators only.

Users who attempt to use this online resource in a negative way, are subversive,
cause division or simply use our services to post spam will result in immediate
account purging.   This is a website designed to unite the White people
of European decent ... not divide them.  Division of our people is the
goals of those who do not have our interests in mind ... don't give them what
they crave! 

Non compliance with the above user policy of NewSaxon.Org will result in your
account deletion. 


reserves all rights to deny any new account for any reason and to delete any
existing account without reason and without notice.


One final
term & condition - you must be willing to have an open mind, have fun and above
all be proud of your European culture and heritage .. so proud in fact that you
are willing to fight for its survival utilizing every political means granted us
by our Founding Fathers under the Constitution of the United States.