Across the Pond 19 March 2011
Posted March 19, 2011 by cleansebyfire

To commemorate St Patrick's and White Pride World Wide Day we had an interview with Ein Kampf, Ein Sieg from Ireland.

During which we discussed the following issues:
The current Political Situation in Ireland.
Crime and the effects of immigration on Irish society.

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Across the Pond 05 March
Posted March 4, 2011 by cleansebyfire

Final report from Dresden, this was a first hand report from English Comrade that attended the 19th February 2011 event.

Letter from across the pond a letter read out by a comrade in Arizona, USA.

European Union to push for more immigration from Africa, also considering a “blue card scheme similar to the “Green Card” scheme in the United States of America. In addition they are opening job centres and migration advice centres in African countries such at taxpayers expense off course.

Half of all Britons would vote for Far Right Parties if they “shun fascist imagery and violence” according to poll conducted by Scearchlight antifa magazine.

Off course they want groups to tone image and message, I find interesting that mention violence as no one is more violent then the Antifa, off course the Jewish owned media never report it that way.

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Across the Pond 26 Feb 11
Posted February 26, 2011 by cleansebyfire

On this week show: -

Further Reports on Dresden this time the 19th February Rally.
Including a story on how the reads offices were raided by the German State Police.

Reports on the Jewish manufactured Middle East Crisis.
Including David Cameron’s Visit to post Mubarak Egypt and how the Middle East Crisis may effect Europe in terms of extra immigration.

A mantra in English showing the problem with multiculturalism and explain that Anti Racist equals Anti White!

Plus much more. . .

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Across the Pond 19 Feb 11
Posted February 19, 2011 by cleansebyfire
National Socialists Reportedly Take Over East German Village!

Officials say neo-Nazis have taken over a village in east Germany.

Residents of Jamel say their village has become a pilgrimage site for the extremists and the local mayor claims that authorities have given up trying to impose order on the town.

Full Report of the Dresden Funeral March from the NPD and the event organisers!

Jungle Drums as term for Gossip is now racist apparently another case of political correctness gone mad!

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Across the Pond 22/01/2011
Posted January 22, 2011 by cleansebyfire
Across the Pond 22/01/2011

White Britons are Second Class Citizens in Multicultural Britain

Stranger in my own land.

This about how a priest’s family moved to inner city Birmingham. There experiences in the area and how it felt more like Bangalore than Birmingham.

Britain Migrant Magnet.

Soft touch Britain has the second highest immigration from outside off the European Union in Europe according to 2008 last recorded figures.

British Children Excluded.

White British Families went to a mother and toddlers groups, they told to go home because it is only for family of immigrants.

Kebab Shop in Hampshire was filthily.

Kebab shop in filthily state, rats were found in the shop, a clear warning to any who purchase such food from these shops.

This the result of what happens when let immigrants take over food preparation, you get there unsavoury hygiene habits too.

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