Jealous, "Rev.?"


Talk about a low blow.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson set off an uproar by saying he would like to chop off a sensitive part of Barack Obama's anatomy for "talking down" to black people.

Jackson hurried to apologize Wednesday to the Democratic White House hopeful after learning that Fox News had recorded the shocking remark - "I want to cut his nuts out" - and was airing the video last night. "I said something I felt regret for - it was crude," Jackson said on CNN.

While the Obama camp accepted the apology, his own son, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), showed no mercy.

"I'm deeply outraged and disappointed in Rev. Jackson's reckless statements," the younger Jackson said. "I thoroughly reject and repudiate his ugly rhetoric."

In a sarcastic reference to the slogan from his dad's failed presidential campaigns of the 1980s, young Jackson said, "He should 'keep hope alive' and any personal attacks and insults to himself."

Jackson said he was "very distressed" that his foul remarks became public because he supports the White House bid of Obama, a fellow Chicagoan. It happened, he said, when a fellow guest on a Fox News show last Sunday asked Jackson about Obama's speeches at black churches.

"I said it can come off as speaking down to black people," said Jackson, recounting his remarks. "The moral message must be a much broader message. What we need really is racial justice and urban policy and jobs and health care."

The conversation was off the air, but the microphone was on to record Jackson's whispered aside. As he said it, Jackson made a yanking motion with his right hand and grimaced for effect.

The Rev. Al Sharpton called Jackson's remarks "most unfortunate." He praised Obama for "running for President for all Americans, not just African-Americans, which is why most Americans have embraced his campaign."

Obama "will continue to speak out about our responsibilities to ourselves and each other," said his campaign spokesman Bill Burton, "and he, of course, accepts the Rev. Jackson's apology."

Jackson has sniped at Obama before. In November, he wrote an Op-Ed column in the Chicago Sun-Times that lambasted all of the presidential candidates, including Obama, because they "have virtually ignored the plight of African-Americans in this country."

Last September, he accused Obama of "acting like he's white" for failing to take a more aggressive role in denouncing the treatment of six black teens in a racially charged assault case in Jena, La.

He later suggested that his remark was "taken out of context," but his aides could not explain how.

Jackson's most famous foot-in-mouth moment occurred in 1984 when he referred to Jews as "Hymies" and to New York City as "Hymietown" during a conversation with a black Washington Post reporter, Milton Coleman. Jackson first denied saying it, then confessed and apologized.

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Three Members of Obama’s Church Killed

Investigator close to case believes there’s more to the brutal murders than mainstream press is letting on

By Victor Thorn

Is a Barack Obama bombshell lurking in the shadows, waiting to derail one of the biggest Cinderella stories in recent history?

While most political prognosticators in the mainstream press presume that Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, they still wonder aloud if Hillary Clinton (or some other entity) has something up their sleeve.

The bombshell may involve the murder of Donald Young, a 47-year-old choir master at former Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ—the same congregation that Obama has attended for the past 20 years. Two other young black men that attended the same church—Larry Bland and Nate Spencer—were also murdered execution style with bullets to the backs of their heads—all within 40 days of each other, beginning in November 2007. All three were openly homosexual.

What links this story to Barack Obama is that, according to an acquaintance of Obama, Larry Sinclair, Obama is a closet bisexual with whom he had sexual and drug-related encounters in November 1999.

Further, Sinclair claims that Obama was friendly with at least two of these deceased parishioners, and that choir director Donald had contacted him shortly before being murdered from multiple gunshot wounds on December 23, 2007.

These killings are receiving a number of different reactions. Mike Parker, reporting for CBS in Chicago, wrote, “Activists fear gay African-Americans are being targeted for murder,” while Marc Loveless of the Coalition for Justice and Respect queries, “Are we under attack? Is this a serial killer?”

An even more sinister aspect of this case is being investigated. According to Sinclair in an affidavit to the Chicago Police Department, Donald Young had informed him that he and Barack Obama were “intimate” with each other. Sinclair, it should be noted, declared on a January 18, 2008, YouTube video that on two separate occasions in November 1999, he engaged in sexual acts with Obama, and that Obama smoked crack cocaine—once in a limousine and the other time at a hotel in Gurnee, Ill.

Sinclair has also asked: why would Young—whom he had never met—initiate these calls by contacting him on cell phone numbers known only in the Obama camp? Further, a private investigator connected to the Chicago Police Department told the Globe, “Donald Young was silenced because of something he knew about Obama. Donald was in a position where he heard a lot of things and saw a lot of things concerning Barack.”

Another questionable Obama associate is openly homosexual. That person is Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig, who was listed during the 2008 campaign as being part of Obama’s “technology initiative.”

In April, Lessig showed a video at a Google seminar entitled Jesus Christ: The Musical where “Jesus Christ lip-syncs Gloria Gaynor’s late 1970s disco hit I Will Survive during which he strips down to just a diaper, effeminately struts along a city street, and finally gets run over by a speeding bus.”

Are three murders within the span of 40 days among members of America’s most discussed church—one run by the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright—enough to arouse the suspicions of Chicago law enforcement officials and members of the national media?

Or, as Sinclair wrote in a May 18 email, was the murder of Young “made to look similar to other recent murders as to make it look as if it were a hate crime” because he had become a political liability?

One can only hope that this isn’t the beginning of another body count eerily reminiscent of that associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

NSM New Jersey forms up
Posted May 25, 2008 by NSM_Commander


We are pleased to announce a new NSM contact point for the State of New Jersey. The Party is experiencing unprecedented growth as we enter the Summer of 2008. Now more than ever the NSM is moving forward and advancing, join with us today.


To contact the new NSM New Jersey contact: 

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
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