are unions good? bad? should we support them?

Adolf Hitler on LABOR UNIONS -

Mein Kampf ch2 - "By my twentieth year I had learned to distinguish between a union as a means of defending the general social rights of the wage-earner, and obtaining better living conditions for him as an individual, and the trade union as an instrument of the party in the political class struggle." (why dont you look at What Paty these Unions support these days!)

ch2 "In a few decades the weapon for defending the social rights of man had, in their(Social Democrat) experienced hands? become an instrument for the destruction of the national economy. And they did not let themselves be hindered in the least by the interests of the workers. For in politics, as in other fields, the use of economic pressure always permits blackmail, as long as the necessary unscrupulousness is present on the one side, and sufficient sheeplike patience on the other.
Something which in this case was true of both sides"

todays corruption of OUR unions reflect Hitlers Time LINK HERE

ch2 "By the turn of the century, the trade-union movement had ceased to serve its former function. From year to year it had entered more and more into the sphere of Social Democratic politics and finally had no use except as a battering-ram in the class struggle. Its purpose was to cause the collapse of the whole arduously constructed economic edifice by persistent blows, thus, the more easily, after removing its economic foundations, to prepare the same lot for the edifice of state. Less and less attention was paid to defending the real needs of the working class, and finally political expediency made it seem undesirable to relieve the social or cultural miseries of the broad masses at all, for otherwise there was a risk that these masses, satisfied in their desires could no longer be used forever as docile shock troops."

the Hilers intent for unions is this AND ONLY THIS - ch 2 "Thus, trade-union organization can lead to a strengthening of the social idea in its practical effects on daily life, and thereby to an elimination of irritants which are constantly giving cause for dissatisfaction and complaints."

todays Marxist, Liberal,Social-Democratic Supporting(the LEFTist Party) UNIONS

SHOULD NOT BE SUPPORTED. we have L&I to protect the worker safety.

everywhere i worked there is no complaints left against any employer exept the usual "discrimination, racism etc. FOR WHICH We Have Federal Laws.

The Symbol that comes from the Soul

Very recommended lecture for any white person. I just translated it and I did it in hurry, sorry for the possible english and grammatical mistakes.

The essence and the meaning of the Swastika

In thousands of years of the mankind’s history, no one symbol was so outstanding as its first one. The swastika, nowadays forbidden in many Aryan Nations, due their anti-Aryan governments, represents all its power and all its life. The crux gammata is the oldest symbol of the human species, appearing practically in every ancient culture, and always with a similar or related meaning, however, in no one other race, the Swastika represents all its soul and spirit, as in the Aryan Race. And what will be demonstrated is that the meaning and the essence of the Swastika goes much more beyond than any other known symbol. What it represents to us is much bigger than ourselves.

It’s a symbol of power, a symbol of pride, of strength, of Honor. The first meaning of the Swastika and the most known is the solar, the Swastika is formerly the Sun, the element that most fascinated all the ancient folks, however, it doesn’t decrease the Swastika into a simple astronomical element. The Sun is the star of Life, of the strength; Without the Sun there’s no life, without the sun there’s no creation, what makes it the greatest symbol of strength and power; not an oppressive force or power, but a spiritual and triumphal power. The Sun is the source of heat and light. The man doesn’t control the sun, it’s beyond of human dominium, it’s something bigger than the being, bigger than us all. For it’s the Swastika symbolizes all what good and positive in the creation, and it illuminates and elevates us spiritually. That shows how the old crux gammata, or Swastika, represents a religion, a totally incorporated ideal in the National-Socialistic Worldview, because that’s a doctrine of light, of life. The Swastika is the divine light, the solar light that comes above the man, the fuel of the creation, of excellence, the triumph and the victory!
The own spell of the word “Swastika” comes from an old Indian expression “Su asti ka” and it means “good luck”. That demonstrates that since the start the Swastika only represents what is positive, constructive, never the opposite.

It’s a need of the man to abandon for a moment its own body, and elevate himself to something bigger and much more magnificent that himself.
The NSDAP has its origins in an old spiritual society, the Thule Gesellshaft, which the symbol was the rounded Swastika, that represents the movement, the progress, the development, the infinitum. In 1918, its founder member, Sebottendorf made the following vows.
“I have the intention of engage the Thule Gesellshaft in its combat, and as long as my hands keep the Iron Hammer… I make the vow over this crux gammata, over this signal that is sacred for us, that you understand, oh Triumphal Sun! I’’ll keep loyal to you. Have trust on me as I have on you. Our God is the god of combat and its Rune is the rune of the eagle… which is the symbol of the Aryans. Also to mark the spontaneously faculty and combustion of the eagle, we will represent you in red… as our symbol is, the red eagle, that reminds us that is necessary to pass through death to rebirth”.
What the Swastika represents is beyond the body and material, the crux gammata doesn’t represent a merely physical plan, but the spiritual plan, the Swastika is the fire and the internal strength, the strength of the man, but the impulse, the potency for the own overcoming, for the creation of the new man. The words of the German philosopher Nietzche figure it perfectly:
“The man is a rope, tied between the animal and the Übermensch – a rope above the abyss.
“What is great in the Man, is that he’s a bridge and not an end: what may be loved in the Man, is that he’s a pass and a succumb.
Nietzche says that the Man must be overcame, it’s the own overcoming, something personal, only the individual can change itself, and the Swastika represents also this search for the excellence.
The Swastika is the cult of the race and humanity’s beauty, a cult to the divine Nature and its creation. It’s the faith on the Man and in his overcoming and his excellence.
The National-Socialistic idea of the Triumph of the Will consists in the personal ability that we, as human beings, have of changing ourselves to better, a personal revolution, an own overcoming, something individual, which only ourselves are responsible, and after we change the ambient and help the surrounding people to make the same, overcome themselves and be better. That was the positive transformation that Adolf Hitler made in the construction of the first National-Socialistic Reich, or the Third German Reich. Hitler with the trust and support of all the nation, of all the folk made this spiritual reform, this absolutely positive reform in his ambient. Adolf Hitler represented the last rebellion of the men against the selfishness and power money empire and it concluded his mission to destroy, or try to destroy that what the eternal Führer built with the Triumph of the Will. The Triumph of the Will, Adolf Hitler, The National Socialistic Reich are the Swastika, concrete demonstrations of its power and strength and the awake of the essence of the soul and to awake its search for the excellence.
A new society and a new Empire, something that the World haven’t ever seen, where the fundamental principles of Honor commanded and expressed in the soul of all a folk, something that Hitler made alone, that was the demonstration of the personal Triumph of the Will, of overcame and after made it, make his people, his race, his kind overcome themselves. This is the Swastika. Institutions like the Hitler Jugend and the SS are the demonstrations of all the National-Socialistic honor. Through those two institutions he changed the people to better, or made them to awake their excellence as members of a folk and members of a race. Once again the Swastika was present in its accomplishments.
“Those who saw the National-Socialism only as a political movement haven’t seen absolutely nothing” – Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler and other great men of the NSDAP always tried to make people understand that the essence of the National-Socialism is not political, but spiritual, it represents the Natural Laws, as the Nature is manifested in us through a race, that we are not isolated individuals, we are part of a race, of a folk, our acts doesn’t affect isolated only us, but all our ambient as a whole. The individual is part of a whole. By helping our people we are helping ourselves. We shall serve our people, when our people is free, we, as a part of them, we’ll also be. By parting from them and considering ourselves individuals without supreme values, we are betraying our own race, we are being selfish, we are abandoning the values that are bigger than us. And the National-Socialism believes that our folk is bigger than ourselves individually, the National-Socialism manifests the supreme values, that are over ourselves.

“The National-Socialism is connected with its Worldview(Weltanschauung)

It exists only for its Worldview and will disappear with that”. Alfred Rosenberg
The National Socialism is a Worldview beyond everything. The politics are a consequence, the politics are a way to apply through the Estate, a government, this Worldview that includes its principles and values. It’s childish to put the National-Socialism only as a simple political antimarxist, anticapitalist vision, because the National-Socialism is not a mix of “counters” but a Worldview, a doctrine, a body of ideas based in the principles of Honor, loyalty and duty.

All that is what represents the manifestation of the power of the Swastika over honored spirits.
The Swastika has the power of awakening the natural interior of the Aryan Soul, as a race is just an exterior and physical manifestation of the soul. Every race has its soul, every race cultivates its high ideal. This is true, by studying the behavior of each ethnicity for its history and all over the globe we will see how the actions of each one of them followed a same path and same objective. The Aryan Race always cultivated the same values, the men always put the interests of their folk before their own, the Aryan race always understood the force of the nature over us, always manifested this comprehension through their myths and legends. The Aryan gods and avatars, Wotan, Odin, Manu, Kalki or Zeus always represented the same ideas, only with different names, represent the archetype the Aryan man must follow, for it’s his essence and nature. The gods are manifestation of the folk and represent its conscience and its Worldview, for it these Sagas and myths are the best way to understand the Aryan Worldview. What is curious in this Indo-Aryan Worldview is that it’s not focused in an individual or in a small group, it’s the thoughts of a soul and all a folk, it’s the union through the origins and the blood, although it has being altered with the presence of anti-aryan elements like the usury and selfishness, the racial Nature may and shall be released and manifested through the Swastika. The Swastika and its meaning are originated for the strength and blood. The Swastika is a symbol of the manifested blood. That’s the racial soul, the essence, the interior, the subconscious, it’s manifested physically through the race. The Swastika must awake this, the Swastika can do it, it was created for this purpose, it’s the symbolic demonstration of all the spiritual power and strength, it was manifested numerous times during the history and had its peak during the creation of the National-Socialistic Reich, but it shall rise again.
Nowadays the Aryan nations are literally occupied by the Zionistic forces, for the selfishness, for the power of the money and those negative forces use all the artifices, dishonored and immoral to pervert the spiritual meaning of the Swastika and its highly positive and creative force over people. They marginalized our symbol and tried to destroy in every way, but the oppression has to end, e only in the old Rune, the old signal that has as base the blood and in the soul may fight the tyranny.

Mjollnir – The Hammer of Thor

“Save Thor! God of Thunder! Defender of Asgard and Midgard.
Empower with courage and help us in the fight
Against the enemies of our faith, family and folk.
Brave Thor!
Warrior among the gods and firm in loyalty and fidelity.
Protect us and encourage us with the strength
Of your powerful and invincible hammer.
Perhaps everything be as you wish
And that our people stay with you as you stood with us.
Perhaps strength and Honor be with you and always with our folk”.

Thor is considered the strongest god among the gods of the Germanic and Nordic Mythology. As demonstrated in the invocation, he is the defender of the reign of Asgard(Reign of the Gods) and Midgard(Middle-Earth, reign of men). Thor always defends its folk, always stand for them, he’s always honored and loyal. As shown in the Ancient Eddas, the tales and songs, although they’re symbolic, they don’t represent only myths and legends of the Ancient Religion, nor they are exceeded, the ages passed by but the message is the same, the race and its soul kept alive, doesn’t matter how much time we have ahead, the lessons are the same, only represented through its myths, because the myths represent a folk, their worldview, how they come into the world, and the Aryan Worlview is represented in the old tales, as the Nordic and Germanic Eddas, with the Iliad and the Greek Odyssey, or the Gita Bagavahg and the Vedas from the ancient Aryan Indian, the message is the same only represented in other form. Returning to the Nordic Myths, the Swastika as Rune represents the Hammer of Thor, this same hammer was locked in the neck in amulet form for the Vikings to guarantee their protection and their strength. The warrior gods of the Aesir family used to say that the Mjollnir Hammer was their biggest treasure, for it allowed them to protect Asgard from the Giants. The hammer used to be raised in the birth of new kids which were accepted in the community and also used in funerals. In an ancient Saga, as Thor ate his goats, he made the signal of the hammer to resurrect them. This signal was an ancient signal that later was copied for the Christians and turning in the sign of the Cross, it meant immediate protection and blessing for all those who make it. Once again the Swastika is the source of life, creation and supreme protection. Thor who roared thunders through his hammer, gave man the light of the Sun, the Swastika, the strength of the hammer and of the god Thor are the Sun.

Here I cite a stretch of the Book “Gods and Myths of the Northern Europe”, by H.R. Ellis Davidson:
“It seems really that the power of the god of thunder, symbolized for its hammer, is understood for everything that has to do with the well-being of the community. It covers the birth, marriage, death and funeral ceremonies of cremation, and the vows made by men. The famous weapon of Thor isn’t just a symbol of the destructive power of the storm and the fire from the sky, but also a protection against the forces of the evil and violence. Without it, Asgard couldn’t anymore be hit for the giants and the men counted on it also to gives them security and to guarantee the rule of the law”.
The ancient tradition of the Judges’ Hammer of the court that establish the order come also from the ancient Europeans by using the Mjollnir to command a fair society, to protect the folk. The Swastika.
It’s worth to remember one more Germanic myth that involves Thor and the Mjollnir. In his fishery, Thor was attacked for the evil serpent of Midgard, raises his hammer and destroy it. If we make an analogy for a National-Socialistic point, the serpent represents the power of the money and the Zionism and the jewish supremacy, and the Mjollnir represents the Swastika that combats the usury and the enemy of the folks.
That was just an example of the unconscious collective idea of Carl G. Jung, it’s the presence that of obviously beyond our actual conscience, but that represents itself involuntarily. As one of the phenomena of our spiritual Führer Adolf Hitler was he being, personally, the manifestation of the subconscious, the unconscious, of the deepest wishes and aspirations, most intense, most real, most human of all a race. Adolf Hitler is the archetype, he’s the physical and personal manifestation of the Aryan Race. As in the Swastika also is, but in a symbolic form. He is it, Adolf Hitler and the Swastika, are synonyms, they are the same cosmic mix, the same being, what is the racial essence that is the Aryan soul. For it, both have this power and what they made in the 30”, awakened this collective subconscious, that is nothing else but the racial Aryan soul with another name. And both are they the power of the Swastika manifested spiritually and physically over the Men and that it awakes something stronger, true and interior.
For it and more, by accepting and comprehending the meaning and the wisdom of the Swastika, we shall understand, or at least try and struggle to understand the forbidden truth for the current governments, of what is the truth about the national-socialism and its absolutely positive essence, over its worldview, over the Triumph of the Will. We shall forget, ignore all the brainwashing of the media and of the Zionistic power manifested which about 70 years is corrupting and destroying what is best, health and human in the national-socialism. Only the truth sets free, knowing the truth is an individual task, a personal effort. The ignorance is confortable, but we shall choose our path. The natural path of the Aryan race through the nature as it has being demonstrated through history is the path of the truth, of Honor, loyalty and duty. What comes to the case isn’t for us to be biologically from Indo-European origin, white, Aryan but manifest our soul, set us free spiritually, be spiritually Aryans, doing it we will manifest our nature, our being, and it’s beautiful, its represented by the Swastika and by the strength and wisdom of the National-Socialism. The writer and English H.S. Chamberlain wrote in his “Arische Weltanschauung”:
“I said in another occasion: Be “Aryan” isn’t the point”, but become “Aryan” is what matters”.
And I cite a phrase:
“Never forget this only thing: for only the thoughts, the thought be may be set free; those who don’t have courage and power to re-think the thoughts of the Aryan race, is and will keep being a slave, not mattering his ancestry, for he is a mental prisoner, blind, locked to earth”.
The choice is personal, be a slave or not. The life is fight. We shall create a conscience of our current situation, we shall meditate about the subjects and understand our estate, and the oppression and tyranny about our people. The Swastika is a symbol, it represents that, but alone it doesn’t make a thing, shall be awaken in ourselves, command us to live for the victory, for the triumph and for the freedom, the rest is with us.
There’s a group of people, a single group that controls what we see on the TV, what we read, what we watch in the movies, what we listen in the radio, this same group keep themselves united for thousands of years and they’re the most possibly homogeneous, they understand that through the their homogeneity they will stand, all what they recommend and force to the other races through the media is what they don’t accept for themselves, because they know it would destroy them inside.
The Aryan Man became a slave of the money and the capital. The materialism failed in the man, in the society and race. He thought of “every man for himself” is getting greater and will increase until the people put their folk after themselves. The time that we were part of a race and not just individuals existed, existed during thousands of years, in these times built empires, gave birth to civilizations, gave birth to the light and justice. This time was real, we shall recreate it.
The money became the moral ideal, religion and final aim of the folks, the superior valor that before in our community, kind, clan, was reduced to selfishness. We identified ourselves with our fellows, worked together, had same values, we were really part of a folk. This is a superior valor, something that is beyond us, just like the hero is who fights and die for something bigger than himself.
The Swastika is our blooded that is the creation, the legacy and hope of a future.
The Flame of the Aryan race and the freedom has started to be erased when the Man surrendered to the selfishness and forgot of its origins, folk, stopped loving those who are responsible for what they are today. The money, and not the Triumph, became the main aim in life.
The Swastika has as its base in the blood, the Swastika has its origin as the first symbol of the mankind and if it stands until nowadays, much weaker than it was before, and may be erased. What erases with that is our history, our accomplishments, our creations.
We are facing a new problem, while political crisis, social and economics may be resolved, the end of a nation. The Aryan Race got extinguished in the ancient Egypt, in the ancient Middle-East, in the Ancient India and now the extinction has arrived in the cradle: the Europe. With the extinction the race will never be remade, the greatest race that ever stepped and marched over the Earth is facing its end, the domination and slavery are falling into our people. It’s time to take an attitude. We shall understand and valorize the legacy of our ancestors, this legacy is present in every one of us, we shall not destroy it. We shall resist and revolt against the tyranny.
The great men are a product of the Aryan folk, those great men and their accomplishments never die, they’re immortals, just like the good spirits. These men are part of the legacy of our people and are part of us. The base of our existence is in the legacy of our ancestors and we are part of them like our children will be part of us. Blood of our blood. And then the legacy shall perpetuate, because this one is sacred.
The red banner, white and black shall be hoisted again. The Swastika will awake something interior and stronger than our body and mind, it will awake something beyond the physical and material existence, it will awake our soul and our essence! The Swastika will save of from the extinction, of oppression and tyranny. It will show us the truth, it will be lighgt, the Sun, the creation and the life, while the Aryan race survives, the strength of the Swastika will live, for the Swastika is stronger than everything! The Swastika will awake exteriorly our Nature because it’s the Nature! The Swastika is the fire for the victory and for the Glory!
Vlad T. Impaler
This black female bus driver has a 420 page personal file jammed with tales of accidents, rudeness, and tardiness. It took the near dragging death of 62 year old woman just for the city to fire her. Was she kept on the job soley because she is a black woman?

Photo from Atlanta Journal Constitution.

From AJC…

The MARTA driver who was fired Friday after dragging a woman 63 feet with her bus then leaving the scene had a thick personnel file rich with reports about crashes, tardiness and rude behavior.

Until Sunday, though, Belinda McMillian, had never done anything that merited firing under MARTA rules. Her personnel file ran a stunning 420 pages. She once rammed a parked car hard enough to slam it into another vehicle, she clipped the mirror of another parked car and she had an abusive mouth if the dozens of passenger complaints are to be believed. But she hadn’t broken enough rules badly enough to get canned.

What finally did her in was her own sworn statements after Sunday’s incident. Lettie Robinson, a mumbling 62-year-old passenger with a walker, was left bruised and bloodied after police said she was dragged with an arm stuck in the closed bus doors. Robinson said she’d left her purse on the bus and was going back to get it when McMillian took off.

McMillian, in statements to police and MARTA authorities, contradicted herself, saying at one point that Robinson wasn’t a passenger and at another point that she saw her get off the bus. That was one cause for dismissal.
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