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Posted January 6, 2011 by Aryan-Renaissance-Society

     I often wonder about the importance that I as one man will have in regards to the future of our Race. It is clear that the times in which we live are drastic, in terms of Racial Standards. The need for great men to step up and put a stop to the injustices our Race recieves is growing daily. Yet, the role of one man like myself often seems pointless.

     The enjoyment I have always found in history has also provided for me the stories of men in history who came out of nowhere to change the world. These men can be found in countless numbers throughout hstory, for those seeking to learn. Most widely known would be Adolf Hitler. His story is one of common nature. Starting out in his early life, the story could fit into almost any young persons life. However, as events unfolded, his charge to greatness was astounding, to say the least. But, there is still the clear point in Hitler's own life when he was just a young man finding out about life and the world around him.

     It was personal desire that changed Hitler's life from that of a common man. It was his willingness to forego the popular social trends, seeking out what was natural and right not what was easiest at the time. It was his desire to educate himself in all things that allowed him to envision the future of a greater Germany that he brought about for his country and the true importance of Race and Nation that he taught his people. It was all this, that which he believed to be important and and true, that allowed him to become the great man he was. Yet, in his lifestyle he was still a common man.

     The events may never unfold as they did for Hitler in my life. Nevertheless, if my willingness to fashion my life around my personal beliefs succceeds, so that my life becomes the true expression of my beliefs, then the future remains open. If I allow myself to become idle and relaxed in my desire to make the 14 Words a reality and not just a statement, then a common man is all I'll ever be.



Hitler’s sister speaks out in defense of her brother

The following is a statement made by Paula Hitler in 1957, repeating 
her conviction expressed 12 years earlier following the death of her 
beloved brother.  In it she addresses a new generation of German 
politicians and critics of the 
Führer, as she compares his greatness 
with their contemptible insignificance and unworthiness.

Gentlemen!  Remember this: Your names will long be forgotten 
even before your bodies have rotted away in the Earth.  But the 
name Adolf Hitler will still be a light in the darkness.  You cannot 
murder him by drowning his memory in your vomit-buckets, and 
you cannot strangle him with your filthy, ink-stained fingers.  His 
name exists forever in hundreds of thousands of souls.  You are 
entirely too insignificant to even touch him. 

He loved Germany; he lived for Germany.  When he fought for honor 
and respect, he fought for German honor, for respect for Germany; 
and when there was nothing left, he gave his life for Germany. 

What have you given thus far?  Which one of you would give his life 
for Germany?  The only things you care about are riches, power and 
never-ending luxurious living.  When you think of Germany, you think 
of indulging your senses withhout responsibility, without cares.

Trust me on this:  The Führer’s utter selflessness in word and deed 
alone guarantees his immortality.  The fact that the bitter fight for 
Germany’s greatness was not crowned with success like, for example, 
Cromwell’s in Britain, has a lot to do with the mentality of the people 
involved.  On the one hand, the Englishman¹s character is essentially 
unfair, ruled by jealousy, self-importance and a lack of consideration. 
But he never forgets that he is an Englishman, loyal to his people 
and to his crown.  On the other hand, the German, with his need for 
recognition, is never first and foremost a German. 

Therefore it doesn¹t matter to you, you insignificant creatures, if you 
destroy the entire nation.  The only thought that guides you will 
always be: Me firstMe second
you will never think of the welfare of the nation.  And with such a 
pitiful philosophy you wish to prevent the immortality of a giant? 

What I wrote down immediately after the war has proven to be 
correct. That my convictions are true is evident, even as late as 1957. 

Berchtesgaden, 1st May 1957

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The Cake Is Ready....
Posted April 20, 2010 by centralvalleyhammer

I'm normally not big on sweets but April 20 only comes around once a year.

I'd like to take a moment and enjoy a big slice with all of my friends and comrades.

Here's to us, Here's to the future, Here's to der Führer!

88 and to all a blessed 4-20 for years to come.

Posted April 15, 2010 by AWSAlabamaTedR

Hi, I am almost finished reading this book

The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds: An Up-Close Portrait of White Nationalist William Pierce

I think every white person should read it, it has some of everything,

including- Hitler- John Birch- George Lincoln Rockwell- Savitri Devi-

National Alliance- Turner Diaries- Cosmotheism- Bob Matthews-

Hunter- The fate of millions of Germans at the end of WWII-

the jews-

Well, William Pierce admits he was not a "people person" and I am

not always impressed with his dvds, but he is a great thinker and

writer, he brings an almost all-encompassing crystal clarity which I

think our movement needs.

The other thing I am thinking about lately is I hope we in the movement

can put aside our religious differences, I myself can accept any religion that is not

Zionist or radical Islamic. Good luck to the NSM in LA! Hail victory!

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