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Posted October 21, 2014 by david garcia in Education
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I hope you all read this, since its really interesting, and its not an article written by anyone, its a scientific one, but never the less, its so funny! hahaha hope you all read it, and share it!!
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This is the type of BS that it has come to in Germany!!! I feel for all those good people who would appreciate such a kick ass cup. This is what those green tree hugging pieces of shit have pushed into the minds of the German youth. Not to mention that it is ACTUALLY against the law to sell these. I bought an old copy of Mein Kampf at a public flea market, it was actually hid under the table and you had to just know who to ask for those things of value. I have had so many fights by stating my mind that Hitler was a genius in bars over there. Well I guess that it was a win win situation, I stated the truth and also got to kick some ass to boot!!
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Posted January 26, 2011 by spanische

The following words were writen by a man ahead of his time. They apply today like they have been writen just yesterday for todays american or european working class families. The words in parenthesis had been added by me to the original text.

" Imagine, for instance,the following scene:

In a basement apartment (or a trailer park), consisting of two stuffy rooms, dwells a worker's family of seven. Among the five children there is a boy of, let us assume, three years. This is the age in which the first impressions are made on the consciousness of the child. Talented persons retain traces of memory fromthis period down to advance old age. The very narrowness and overcrowding of the room does not lead to favorable conditions. Quarreling and wrangling will very frequently arise as a result. IN THESE CIRCUSTANCES, PEOPLE DO NOT LIVE WITH ONE ANOTHER, THEY PRESS AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. Every argument, even the most trifling, which in an spacious apartment can be reconcilied by a mild segregation, thus solving itself, here leads to loathsome wrangling without end. Among the children, of course, this is still bearable; they alwys fight under such circustances, and among themselves they quickly and thoroughly forget about it. But if this battle is carried on between the parents themselves, and almost every day in formswhich for vulgarity often leave nothing to be desired, then, if only very gradually, the results of such visual instruction must ultimately become apparent in the children. The character the will inevitably assume if this mutal quarrel takes the form of brutal attacks of the father against the mother, of drunken beatings, is hard for anyone who does not know this milieu to imagine. At the age of six the pitable little boy suspects the existence of things which can inspire even and adult nothing but horror. Morally poisoned, physically undernourished, his poor little head full of lice, the young "citizen" goes of to public school. After a great struggle he may learn to read and write, but that is about all. His doign any homework is out of the question. On the contrary, the very mother and father, even in the presence of the children, talk about his teacher and school in terms which are not fit to be repeated, and are more inclined to curse the latter to their face than to take their little offspring across their knees and teach them some sense. All the other things that the little fello hears at home do n ot tend to increase his respect for his dear fellow men. Nothing good remains of humanity, no institution remains unassailed ; beginning with his teacher and up to the head of the gverment, wheter it is a question of religion or mrality as such, of the state or society, it is all the same, everything is reviled in the most obscene terms and dragged into the filth of the basest possible outlook. When at the age of fourteen the young mean is discharged from school, it is hard to decide wht is stronger in him: his incredible stupidity as far as any real knowledge and ability are concerned, or the corrosive insolence of his behavior, combined with an immorality, even atthis age, which would make your hair stand on end.

What position can this man - to whom even now hardly anything is holy, who, just as he encountered no greatness, conversely suspects and knows all the sordidness of life - occupy in the life into which he is now preparing to emerge?

The three-year-old chold has become a fifteen-year-old despiser of all authority. Thus far, aside from dirt and filth, this young man has seen nothing which inspired him to any higher enthusiasm.

But only now does he enter the real university of existence. Now he begins the same life which all along his childhood year he has seen his father living. He hangs around the street corners and bars, coming home God knows when: and for a changenow and then he beats the broken-down being which was once his mother, curses God and the world, and at length is convicted of some particular offense and sent to a house of correction.

There he receives his last polish.

And his dear bourgeois fellow men are utterly amazed at the lack of "national enthusiams" in this young "citizen".

Day by day, i the theather and in the movies, ( Television) in backstairs literature and the yellow press, they see the poison poured into the people by bucketfuls, and then they are amazed at the low "moral content" the "national indifference", of the mases of the people.

As though trashy films, yellow press, and such-like dung could furnish the foundation of a knowledge of the greatness of our fatherland! "



With Hitler in Coburg
Posted January 20, 2011 by spanische

Mit Hitler in Coburg.

We were 700 men that left from Munich in an special party train. I was jobless and I did not have any money. But I scratched my own missery suffering a week of hunger and many other privations to pay for my ticket and be present, together with the rest of my Kameraden in the "German Day" that was going to be celebrated in Coburg on the 14th and 15th of October of 1922.

Our presence at the train platforms and stations was a surprise to the other passengers. The flag with the "Hakenkreuz" was, in those days, compleately unknown to the greater public.

We party men and the SA arrived to Coburg along with our own music band. The police spoke with the Fuhrer. The marxist and bolchevik trade unions want to prevent that we march in formation, with our flags deploy at the beat of our music band.

However the Fuhrer gives the order to the SA to deploy in parade formation and that our musical instruments start playing. Like that ,we passed through a mob of reds, speachless watching us march. Then they reacted, with insults and trheats.

The police redirect our group inside a house, but our Fuhrer gives the order to face the red mob. Only at the beat of the drum! And in this manner we left the Hofbrauhauskeller recieving a rain of rocks. Our only weapons were our fist and our valor, with them we cleared the streets of thousands of communists.

Later the Fuhrer spoke. Awakening the interest of all of us presents at the rally. The same way that he was in command at the fight outside the Hofbrauhauskeller, he also commanded all the night fighting against the red front. And like us he sleep on the hay when the fighting was over.

The next day Coburg is gleaming and its inhabitants , can after all this years feel free. "The reds had been wipe out by Hitler and his men!" "Finally we can live in peace with out their nasty attitude and tiranny!" Statements like these are being shouted by young and old, women, men, workers, merchants, and civil servants. All of then join us in our march with delirious enthusiasm. Imperial flags again are hanging on  the windows and terraces . Germany awakes!

We arrived at the town square were the comune is trying to congregate 10,000 "proletarians", but they are less than 100 and they look afraid and broken.

In a pathetic attent , the marxist threaten the railroad workers so that our train will not be able to leave Coburg. The Fuhrer makes an announcement. If our train does not leave at the schedule hour, the SA will go and seek all the red leaders. In ten minutes our train was rolling.

We returned to Munich , full of bruises, sleepy and tired but victorious. With our lost voices we sang our songs with our hands on the shoulder of the Kamerad next to us and under the attent eyes of the fuhrer.

10 years later I was awarded. like the rest of our Kameraden present on that day, the Medal of Coburg. In peace and in war, over brown and feldgrau, proudly was displayed on my chest.

Today, May 1945, I am at a prisioner camp along with tens of thounsand of other Kameraden. Like many, I am suffering of dyssentery and we are crowded behind the barbed wire. We do not have any personnal space not even to go to the restroom.

This morning a Yank soldier, noticed my Medal of Coburg. The jailer is curious about the rare medal. He has offer me a loaf of bread, a whole weeks ration, and a preferential space to use the letrines in exchange for my medal for his collection.

I have refuse.... I will die with my Medal of Coburg.

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