Our Duties as Skinheads
Posted June 4, 2007 by HollieGinette

The following is a literary work from Robert Garlad, a Comrade of mine who is locked behind ZOG walls.

"Our Duties as Skinheads"

Being a Skinhead is more than just a symbolic flight jacket, bald head, boots a braces, that is Our uniform and represents who we are but is doesn't and shouldn't end there. Comrades the Skinhead movement goes far beyond that.

For too long the Jewish led media has stereotyped those in Our movement as demonic hate mongers and the cause we fight for as total evil. A strong Skinhead can not walk down the street in uniform without being sneered at and berated. More times than not, by members of the very race we claim and fight for. There are even groups and individuals that share Our fight, yet look down upon us because there are those who call themselves "Skinhead," yet do nothing to progress the movement, they are stagnant and they do not live by the philosophies of White Power, which they claim to represent. This must change before it is too late!

Part of being a Skinhead is not conforming to the standards of society, that means society must conform to us. For this to happen, each and every one of us needs to demonstrate the qualities of leaders. A stranger will form his/her opinion of the movement according to the impression they get from you! You are and exponent and representative of of Our fight. Therefore be White Power in all your actions, in everything you do. Be an example of strength, courage, discipline and devotion. All your actions and thoughts should be for the greater good of Our Race and it's future.

By this I mean, take any type of degeneracy out of your life, everything that is negative to the rise of Our precious Race. Taking drugs, peddling drugs, excessive partying, any type of homosexuality, styles of clothing and musical influences that are non-White, (ie, hip-hop or dressing and acting like a gang banger) laying hands on or verbally abusing women and or children, just to name a few. Everyone knows which actions are not productive to the cause and unacceptable as a Skinhead. To be taken seriously we need to act seriously. The decline of our beautiful Race and everything associated with the White cause are no laughing matter.

Get schooling, take jobs and find careers. Find mates and breed Aryan children. Conduct yourself with pride and respect, whether you're with loved ones, Comrades, or among strangers. Positive behavior will attract positive attention. It is not a role to be taken on by the weak. For a Skinhead, the White Power lifestyle is a life long commitment of struggle and selflessness. It's for those willing and capable to do what is necessary to further Our goal. Our first and foremost thought should be, what is best for Our Race, not ourselves. By becoming Skinheads we sacrificed Our lives and lifestyles for Our Kith and Kin.

Our lives are no longer Our own. We are the soldiers for this cause, the frontline, the protectors of Our women and children, the foundation to the existence of Our Race. Our service can be called upon at anytime to battle anyone who threatens their well-being and who is an adversary and threatens the White Power ideal, or Our future. For that reason, be everything to a Comrade that you'd want a Comrade to be to you. In battle, he is the one faithfully by your side, spilling his sweat and blood in the same fight, for the same reasons you are.

We are also teachers. So each and everyone of us needs to educate ourselves so we may in turn educate Our youth in the truth of White history and other scholastic tools necessary to ensure a prominent and prosperous future. Also, to help open he eyes of the unenlightened, the truth cannot be denied. All that most will need, is to be shown is the right direction.

Comrades, each and everyone of us carries the survival of Our Race on Our shoulders, no one is excluded. If even one falls to weakness or fails his duties, it affects the whole movement. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. So we all need to be strong enough to carry the weight. For those who think the responsibility is burdensome, you are not wanted and will be weeded out.

The road is long and serious. What we do right now will affect what happens in Our children's lifetime. If we are truly diligent in Our work, Our children and their children will reap the grand reward of living without fear of extinction and amongst others of their kind. nothing else can be more fulfilling or a better incentive to make true your troth.

-Mein Volk Uber Alles! Sieg Heil!-


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NZ jewery
Posted June 3, 2007 by Niamh_NZ
A Jew is in control of New Zealand.

Jewish power in NZ is clearly shown with the Irving incident. In the beginning Helen Clark goes on record saying: 'No persons opinions should bar them from entering NZ'. Enter Schwartz, WHACK!, Clark BANS Irving.

So what Clark meant to say was: 'No persons opinions, unless those opinions are about something David Schwartz does'nt like, should bar them from the country.' She needs to be more clear. She could get us into a lot of trouble. She should tell the people of New Zealand the reason why David Irving is not allowed in the country.

As far as I can gather, Zwartz, the New Zealand Jewish Council, runs the place. He decides who comes and goes. Not our Government, as Clark plainly showed. She crumbled faster than the WTC.

In banning Irving, Clark took away a precious 'right' we have. Not a fake 'right'. This is not one of those 'rights' given to us by some self-styled power. Don't be fooled with fake 'rights'. The UN giveth and the UN can taketh away. This is a 'right' from God. We have mouths and ears to speak and hear.

Clark has put herself in GODs place. She has decided what we can and cannot hear. (I know the power over her. We know that 'sh**ty little state' is a GANGSTER state. Replete with criminals of the most vicious sort. They are the REAL Mafia. A nation CONTRARY to man. A nation of killers, responsible for the blood of all the righteous since Abel.) So I guess we have to hand her some slack. She did put those two Mossad crims away.

Now we know there was no holocaust. There are only Jewish fables. Folk will realise for sure: Truth IS stranger than fiction'.

We know from the silence of our total media re: Irving, who controls them. They have capitulated their role as watchdogs. They are infiltrated by the enemy within.

It will be fun watching Zwartz run 'up and down' the steps of Parliament, as he tries to shut the mouths and ears of NZers
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