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Posted July 19, 2014 by RKM in Health, Family & Home, Education, Technology, Society
Ever heard of Ebola? Well it is one of the deadliest infectious diseases known to man, and it is coming to a city near you! I say lock down all flights in and out of these countries, and let them take care of it themselves! Instead of helping ignorant, neanderthals that do not want help, let them deal with it themselves! It is just a matter of time before this virus spreads by some ignorant ass who just wants to spread it to other countries on purpose. There are millions of white children here in America that could use the money that they are going to pour into a country and people who will never even acknowledge help or appreciate it! Lock it down and if it starts to spread, then light it all up!! Check out the link below. Inform yourself, it could be a matter of life or death!
Greetings NSM members, supporters, and fellow patriots,

This is a Nationwide call to action for this week against the unrelenting, and criminal tide of illegal immigration. As all of you are already well aware the NSM has been on the frontlines for many years in the fight against illegal immigration. The NSM has been the tip of the spear in Border Patrols in the American Southwest for years now, and continues those operations to this day. We have been in the streets Nationwide protesting amnesty for illegals, the illegal immigrant (so-called) freedom rides, and have consistantly called for securing American borders and embracing of an America First policy in Government to bring back our Nation from the brink.

Our elected officials here in America often ignore the will of the people whom they claim to represent, at even the highest levels of elected office some of these career politicians say that anyone and everyone who wants to come and live in the USA should be able to do so, apparently even if they do so illegally. Our economy is still in shambles, and the influx of illegal aliens and those who aid them in their mission are crippling our economy. No one can deny these facts! The NSM has been saying this for years now, therefore I am preaching to the choir with this message.

The good news is this, the mainstream, Joe Citizen/average every day American, of all Races, backgrounds, religions, and creeds are finally awakening to heed the warnings we have been sounding for a long time. In Murrieta, CA. a few days ago the U.S. federal government attempted to bus in busloads of illegal aliens and the busses were turned away by American citizens protesting. Today as this call to action is being written protesters in Arizona will stand against a similar scenario.

This is a call to action for the NSM! We have faced off against the enemies of our Nation and those who hate freedom of speech all over this Nation, from the riots in Toledo and Phoenix, to Los Angeles, to Marching on DC, to fighting communists in the streets of New Jersey and countless other cities all over this Nation. This week offers and opportunity for NSM affiliates all over this Nation, not just in the Southwest but yes Nationwide to be actively participate in 2 days of activism. If you cannot make one day due to work or schedule, do the other. We are not the sponsors of this event, therefore we do not suggest bring NSM flags and gearing up in that manner. Attend these events in your area as concerned American Patriots, grab your business cards or flyers so you can do some networking, but be respectfull of the fact that it is not our event, and we are just backing these events up with muscle and experience, taking our America first message and street actions to the forefront is what we do best, and this is an important call to action. We have been easy on our ranks so far this Summer, now its time to heat things up and get back to work.

Here is a list of Protest Locations around the Nation: !find-a-protest-location/c1bhc


The NSM is not officially endorsing the organizers of this event, nor do we claim any affiliation with them, or whatever their specific political agenda may or may not be.

Send in your after action reports and any pictures to NSM HQ after the events and thank you in advance for your participation in this noble effort.

Commander Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement
Hello new saxons!!Corporal Hoffman here to inform you of a meet and greet in my area July 27 2014 Sunday at 1. more info by email 88 comrades!!
Posted July 14, 2014 by WilliamUK in Society
Tell your kids including (My Kids) NOT to associate with black kids - WHITE KIDS ONLY !!

We must protect our kids from Stinking Filth !!

I will include we DON'T want our including (My Kids) taught by black teachers be it known !! WHITE TEACHERS ONLY !!
Norman E Carter
Posted June 18, 2014 by Norman E Carter in Education, Society
anyone who doesn't believe that there is reason for us to organize and unite now does not believe in the simple facts here's a fact there are federal employees That run black hate groups one such website showed a federal employee calling for the extermination of the white race the so-called commander in chief stood up and defend that as freedom of speech yet if someone that was white had a website like that they will be called a domestic terrorist fact the New Black Panther organization went on national radio and television in their spokesperson was in their words pissed off That. the streets were not flowing red with blood of honkies that they wanted every blonde haired blue eyed sometimes brown eyed child to have their throat slit the federal government never even investigated it another sad facts is that they have more financial resources thank you to sports for making more black millionaires in this country than white another sad fact is we are outnumbered thank you to race mixing and political correctness the fact is that most don't realize there's a problem so the facts are the United States government condones the extermination of the white race we are outnumbered we have less resources we really cannot afford not to unite we must continue to preach the gospel of truth of the perils of the white race faces 14/88 my friends my race
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