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Colemans parole hearing moved from October to December 2014.
This is the letter I wrote to Chairman Montgomery regarding Vanessa Coleman, I know many of you have signed the peition which I thank all of you for doing that, why not take it a step further and write your personal feelings down for him to read, trust me I have many more feelings beyond what I wrote to Chairman Montgomery, but I think that it is a good starting point and it would be incredible if each and everyone did the same.
Mail to: Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole
Attn: Richard Montgomery, Chairman
404 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 1300
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

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Deny Parole to Vanessa Coleman Offender#473393

Dear Chairman Montgomery,

I am writing you today to voice my concerns about Vanessa Coleman Offender# 473393 and the possiability of her being granted early release through parole due to prison overcrowding and good behavior? Despite the article I just read today online on WATE COMS website stating that with over 60,000+ signatures collected from not only Tennessee, but across the USA and the world including mine, Miss Colemans parole hearing moved from October to December 2014.

I understand it's a legal thing, but I have been following the Christian-Newsom case since a few months after it happened and it has haunted me everyday since. It is beyond completely horrendous what Channon and Christopher had to go through, not to mention having to see what was taking place not only in fear to themselves but to the one they loved not being able to help them. I could not even fathom the horrors the families must have endured on a daily basis, I know the mistrust, anger and apprehension it must have caused to them and others on a daily basis towards people, and the legal system. Not just once but the families had to go through the whole thing all over when the defendants sentences almost overturned due to the presiding Judge Richard Baumgartners' issues and made to go over every single gruesome detail that has been branded and scared into their souls and to the heartbreak and anger of the supporters of the Christian-Newsom famlies.

While Miss Coleman Offender# 473393 may not have partcipated in the actual brutalization, yes she is just as guilty. Miss Coleman could have seeked help for Channon and Christopher, which she didn't instead she relished in the brutal, savage, horrific deaths of the two beautiful, promissing white college students, which was more then apparent by her journal entry. It doesn't talk about fear or regret instead it appears joyfull.

We have enough problems on the streets of America without having to worry about someone without a conscience or respect for anyones life or looking at who's life/lives are going to be destroyed in the future.

Chairman Montgomery, please consider my words and anyone elses involving the Christian-Newsom case. Deny Parole to Vanessa Coleman Offender#473393. Please consider the many innocent lives that would be placed in danger if Miss Coleman is granted an early release through parole.
As the title says our White police officers are not allowed to protect themselves or the public that they are sworn to defend!!! If any White officer defends himself in America anytime anymore the scum scream racism!!! What kind of crap is this? This is just another nail in the coffin for any justice and protection of our cities. This "Brown" who was shot was not only committing a class b felony, robbing a convenience store with force, moments before, and was also walking in the middle of the street stopping traffic, not to mention attacking an officer of the law and trying to take his gun!!! Why are these facts not being mentioned in ALL of the "News" coverage that is flooding our TV's is just biased Anti-White media shit not telling the whole story!! I say that the world is a better place without this scum walking around in our cities, scum like this make better worm food!!!
Oh yea here we go again!!!! Let me see, I am sure that this "teen" was an upstanding citizen with NO police record. RIGHT??? If this would be a White teen, it would have never even made the news!!!! On the other hand if it had I am sure that the White populace would have not used it as an excuse to revert back to their barbaric nature to rape, rob and pillage!!!! I am sick of this crap, screaming "racism" at the drop of the hat, and using something that is the "victims" own fault to run wild in the streets like vicious, dumb animals!!! The real victim here is the cop, who had to make a life and death spur of the moment decision on a teen holding a knife or a gun that was ditched and disposed of by his fellow criminals!!!!! If you do not believe in reverse racism the just try having an organization called the National Association for the Advancement of White People, and see how far it will make it before the anti-White government that we have in power takes it to court and shuts it down!!!!!!
Now the real proof, a link to another shooting this time a white teen and an officer, never heard of it? Well that is because the "blacks" are just out to cry racism at the drop of a hat and the "news" media jumps on board as well to help them!!!!!

Believe me brothers and sisters, it is just going to get worse. We are on the verge of a full out war here to protect or family's, as well as preserve the White race!!! It boils my blood and makes me want to draw blood from these inbreed, vicious, ignorant, darkies!!!!!!
Jay Rose
I have bleed on the lands of the neanderthal of the middle east. I have watched brethren sacrifice and lay down their lives for what they believe in . I have heard testimony of fellow war dogs cry this in not a war for oil or biblical reasons but if one for the cleansing of our race. I have bleed for my race. I have sacrificed flesh bone and soul to make this land better. Only to return to the bowels of this country to see the filth that carries over across the boarders here. They flock like sheep to a Shepard to take what the hard working man has and exploit our money our livelihood. They steal jobs from the now white/aryan minority. Unemployment is at an all time high. Hospital lack the man power to keep up with their invaders hence the needy sick and injured are denied proper treatment. Our insolent president chooses to turn his back on not only this country to aid his Muslim facet. But denies aid and support to the forgotten race and for fathers that built this nation. I declare this my calling. My solo declaration and a call to arms to the fellow brethren of my region to aid in the rebuilding and cleansing of this dire state. Let us unify stand up and secure the boarders where the government shall not. Let us take back government programs built to aid legal Americans and let us cleanse and purify this wasteland. Much like my aryan for father I belive if a land of white and purity. Of opportunities and no bounds of red tape and fascist government thumb. Rise with me or fall before me. This is my call to arms
This is one of the most horrific crime against anyone, and the murders shouldn't have any privilages ever again, much less be released from prison due to the first judge being addicted to drugs, that doesn't change the horrific terror that Channon and Chris went through before their savage deaths and the nightmare that their families lives have become that they must live for the rest of their lives. I'm sure there are other prisons who have commited a far less henious crime that should be given parole instead to free up some prison space. Instead of granting Miss Coleman a thing.
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