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Announcement from NSM Party HQ

The National Socialist Movement Leadership will be in Beverly Hills, California on Tuesday Feb. 25th to meet with Black Civil Rights Leaders for a Historic Open Forum on Race Relations in the United States.

More information here:

In other breaking news, Detroit tv news interviewed Commander Schoep regarding the National Socialist Movement and aired this segment today.
Modern Packs
Posted February 14, 2014 by Greymane in Society, Faith
Deep within the structures of our brains and psychology, is the need for firm hierarchy and a sense of place and purpose.

As a race, we have seen some of the greatest Kingdoms and works of art to show the genius of our folk.

In some areas of the movement, we have men who think they should rule yet have no concept of what that means and others who outright refuse to take a knee to authority whatsoever.

Leadership by a man who honors his people, holds their needs above his own as need dictates and strives to ensure all within his care are kept taken care of in his capacity is one of the glories of our social standards.

Modern packs, are a return to that principle. An Alpha that stands by ability and the strength to earn the respect of his peers. Who can strategize and energize his men to a proper focus.

That he is mindful of the needs of the women under his charge. That those who are single are not harassed by lesser males even of our own folk. To look after their well being lest they need stain their hands from heartbreak and undue drama.

In times past, a chaperone was common practice and an elder either Brother, Uncle or Father would stand in to gauge the fitness of a suitor for one of the jewels of our people.

This also includes mentorship for our young men. That they be shown how to act, not just told. That we can model behaviors that are to be and they can strengthen them self by the reinforcement.
Posted February 13, 2014 by Greymane in Society
As white men, are we not bound to a higher calling? We, by our very nature, can only be defame our noble lineage and ancestry when we behave like lesser people.

Discipline and self sacrifice inform us that we are to not let our knee jerk reactions to give a yell back for a yell or raise our fists in anger over the drunken behavior of inferior men.

Self sacrifice, in that we keep how our movement is seen and if we are married with a family, how it will affect them by our actions.

We should always hold to the highest calibre of behavior and show that we not only say we are of superior quality by word, that our deeds reinforce the same and make it genuinely so.

I remind myself first and then my fellow men of my people.
The Folk
Posted February 11, 2014 by Greymane in Family & Home, Society, Faith
Through the black night, we marched
Uncertainty lay before us,
all we fought for lay behind us,
Sword in hand with brothers at our side,
certain we were of what would happen,
if we did not march ever forward
into the mouth of hell itself,
so that no child, elder or woman,
would have to ever feel its warmth

We stand at the edge of a new beginning for those of us seeking the paths of our pre-Christian Northern European Folk Traditions. In America, those of us removed by distance the shores of our ancestors.. we need not draw pause. For, on this patch of soil, our more immediate ancestors have shed blood and fought to make this land our own.

We should not, however, feel we are bound solely to that of the Christian tradition. Those of us, without bringing dishonor or disrespect on those who take well their faith.. yet we must not forget that there was a faith as natural to us as breathing. A path that speaks to us on a level that is apparent and is what could be considered an 'inner knowing'.

I have been told a few times by some that 'it is not a warrior tradition. do not be silly. any man or woman can be apart.' This interpretation betrays a rather large misunderstanding. I agree, we need not all be soldiers who fight for the freedom of our people in the services, yet every able bodied man was first and foremost expected to know how to hold a sword and defend his friends and neighbors of his folk. It is the same with a woman, that she knows how to use cunning and even if to mislead with her charm to disarm the person and then make them regret the underestimating.

We should claim for ourself, our rightful place among our ancestors and their Gods adn Goddesses. To once more proclaim ourself men in our own homes, societies and to walk, head upgright with stout heart.
Tags: heathen, odinsm, folk
Open a medicine book and show which illnesses
negroes,gooks,mexicans and Jews have. Don´t hesitate since
there is enough stuff which would put the racemixing quote
to 0 in all white countries ! Most have their home in alien
and nonwhite locations.

US government wants white people to get ill through letting
nonwhites as from Haiti, the Carribean, Asia and other
places of the third world enter US or other country borders,
calling for "equality". Jewish liberalism at it´s finest
under a mask that hides a face of death.

Those illnesses the niggers are dying from AIDS, syphillis, malaria,
lues and all kind of diseases become brought also into our homes, our
villages and places through racemixers that you can´t identify sometimes
since it is not written on their heads. Neither a gook with yellow fewer
should be allowed to enter any country than to remain in their own.
Seen ever somebody puking blood ? Yellow fever makes it so. This is
why I don´t buy at asia stores. Want a Kebap ? Turks add sperm into
the Kebap sauce and laugh about people who buy them and get yersinia
infections. Nonwhites are not just ugly from outside than also dangerous
for white people´s health from inside when coming into touch with them
whether forced or since they become intimidated by Zionist media, government
and society.

National socialism isn´t just an ideology or what we should repeat through
shouting only 1488 everywhere than understanding it´s true reason. It is
the only life protection you have in a sick grown world. But before any
disease can spread the fight in mind becomes lead. And Jewish media is
doing all that we lose, that we belittle, excuse and accept things most
whites usually wouldn´t do. And here social pressure comes into the play
as "excluding" racists, excluding other thinking whites through boycotting
them socially and fighting them in the Zionist media. They don´t want to
"change" us, they want to murder us silently !

When one nonwhite is in a restaurant or store, you should go outside
immediately. When they spit into your food over 50 possible diseases
can enter your body and more. So learn TODAY to become independant and
knowing what it means to be white in a darkening world. Learn how to
cook and give your work when necessary only to white decent people.
Your work efforts are your guarantee to maintain white work force.
Many things will depend on you in the future, so move into white villages
or village parts only, hand out informations, talk and do something. It´s
not just a racial war than a biological one too ! Never ever forget this !

Strengthen your honor, your heritage and your beliefs since your life
will depend from before it is too late ! Win the battle of minds, learn
your value of being white and healthy. Learn also about medicine.

So what everybody could do is showing what interracial
"dating" really causes by speaking out the truth :
Nightmares, division under the races, hate, anger and
bloodshed. It´s a tool of decay in the Zionist arsenal
how to destroy nations as from the Roman empire till the
days of the Austian-Hungarian empire. All who tolerated
Jews or multiethnic societies did vanish in few decades.
So it´s not just "imagination" than proven life experience.
Make propaganda as leading out leaflets, make small YT
videos talking how many infections nonwhites have and talk
about the dangers and that TV is not showing those who die
at those illnesses in hospitals. Show the pictures of the
illnesses and how they look. Talk with other people about it
that are okay and would listen to you and convince them with
statistics. But most importantly: remain white, remain
healthy and strong.
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