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The Poet As Hero

You've heard me, scornful, harsh, and discontented,
Mocking and loathing War: you've asked me why
Of my old, silly sweetness I've repented—
My ecstasies changed to an ugly cry.

You are aware that once I sought the Grail,
Riding in armour bright, serene and strong;
And it was told that through my infant wail
There rose immortal semblances of song.

But now I've said good-bye to Galahad,
And am no more the knight of dreams and show:
For lust and senseless hatred make me glad,
And my killed friends are with me where I go.
Wound for red wound I burn to smite their wrongs;
And there is absolution in my songs.

Opposition to April 18 white supremacist rally growing

by Hubert Wiggins

Posted: 47 mins ago

TOLEDO -- Leaders of the National Socialist Movement say they will hold a public rally in Toledo on April 18th at 3:30 p.m. The group's first rally in Toledo in October 2005 was followed by four hours of rioting and the imposition of an 8pm curfew for two days. The organization made reference to the riots in its press relases announcing their intended return to Toledo. "The rioting made international news due to the violence and destruction that was caused. Anyone wishing to read up on the incident can Google NSM Toledo riots, or simply "Toledo Riots", or check Google images for countless pictures of these 2005 riots."

The National Socialist Movement condemned the rioting, blaming it on "black residents wo were used as pawns by anarchists and communists forces". North Toledo resident Domonic Forille does not want the group to come to Toledo. "I don't think it's good for the city of Toledo, hopefully they won't let them in, deny their permit," Mr. Forille said.

Stacy Weber, the public information officer for the city of Toledo says Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson will not initiate any legal action to prevent the group from holding its rally.
National Socialist Movement

(Please Post this Announcement to Forum Boards, E-mail lists, Social Networking sites, and anywhere else our Folk will see it!)


NSM Party HQ is pleased to announce the date, and location for the 2015 National Meeting and Rally.


Party members and supporters,this years event will be held in the Toledo, Ohio area on April 17th and 18th.

Friday evening on April 17th we will hold the National Meeting at a private location in the Toledo area. The following day on April 18th at 3:30 pm we will be holding a public rally in the city of Toledo.

Some may remember the NSM Toledo rallys from back in 2005. We were called upon by local residents who were being terrorized by black gangs. The first rally was followed by major rioting by black residents who were used as pawns by anarchist and communist forces in order to violently oppose the National Socialists, as well as oppose the local police department whom both the gang members and anarchists hate with a passion. The rioting made International news due to the violence and destruction that was caused. Anyone wishing to read up on the incident can google NSM Toledo riots, or simply Toledo Riots, or check google images for countless pictures of the 2005 riots.

The NSM condemned the 2005 riots, and our opposition proved that they are exactly the violent criminals we said they are. The Toledo rally was important 10 years ago due to violence in the city, and is just as important today considering things have not improved there.

The National Socialist Movement is calling upon our Folk and allies once again as we make another public stand in Toledo on April 18th. The rally is open to all NSM members, supporters, and we extend the invitation and a hand of solidarity to other pro-white activists, and organizations, to take to the streets of Toledo with us.

Anyone who wishes to give a speech, or attend the event contact us at:

NSM Ohio: or phone (567) 315-2398


NSM Chief of Staff:


NSM Commander:
I was told the other night buy some friends that I consider family The life of an up and coming 17 yearold that had his sh!t together was shoot and killed on the streets of Chicago all for being white and wearing a Blackhawks Jacket wrong color in the wrong neighborhood by a Spic Gangbanger I was told, the police were able to catch him but there is absolutely no reason for this tragedy to happen and for a 17 year old who was leaving his girlfriends house and the gangbangers followed him to a gas station and shot him dead. I think it is insane that you have to color coordinate your wardrobe and life to be able to survive on the streets of Chicago or even wear a hometeam jacket and get killed all because it's the wrong color, be color caustious of the clothes you wear, it will be problem #1 being white anywhere huge gang affiliations are. Much and many Blessings to my friends and their families during this devestating tragic time and may swift justice come to the gangbanger in question
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