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Harry L Hughes
In the midst of ASU’s “Problem of Whiteness” controversy, Cady Mall became a platform Tuesday for a public teach-in that taught passers-by what the “white problem” entails.

Robert Poe, a justice studies doctoral student and faculty associate who said he wanted to respond to criticism of Lee Bebout’s course “U.S. Race Theory

Ironically, in the State Press article, Robert Poe accuses NYF of promoting violence/threats, which is completely unfounded. Yet, he openly advocates for violence against people he calls "racists."

ASU Professor Robert Poe Publicly Advocates Violence on Campus
Posted January 30, 2015 by WilliamUK in Society
We are The National Socialist Movement UK Unit. Join us in Activism at The City of Birmingham, West Midlands UK. Saturday 21st February 2015.
We shall commence at 12.30pm approx prompt.

For further details email: or via my newsaxon profile or see
main site at NSM88.ORG
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Oh it's like right now I started a comment war on a friends page over this article where i'm being called heartless

Residents want charges for Colo. officers in fatal OIS
Police opened fire and killed a suspect Monday after one officer was struck by a stolen car

with my friend leaving this comment on the posted story:' Read the comments the animals in our society say about this young girl. Please be her voice and the voice for her family. And to think these are moms and dads. Wonder if they place the same lack of value on their own children's lives. I am beyond horrified at these comments.<<<<H said'

>>>>>I'm saying this
Am I wrong for commenting on the post saying the commentors on this story are correct in what they are saying, And I thought the same thing that many of the commentors said, prior to reading them that this 'upstanding girl, was a criminal that hit a cop with a stolen car' = assault with a deadly weapon it has nothing to do with being a teenager and swipping mom or dads car keys and going for a joy ride. Am I wrong for thinking or saying that? I'm wrong on Hs page, but I know they didn't just randomly go on a shooting spree to kill a teenager.

I replied to one comment on her page but had to get away from her page because the idiots that were calling me heartless and defending this criminal, and her saying oh she was just a teenager that took a car on a joy ride. were just making me angry and there are far better things to worry about then what they think and me getting frazzled over nothing. I'm not defending the police in anyway either, but assualt is assualt with a deadly weapon(car)

I guess I should have expected this type of reaction from her, holy moly she was defending a black who had been shot at for not just stealing one car but two, then running over that police officer with the stolen car. The cop shot at the car tires and black man ran into a phone pole and got a boo boo, nothing to do with the cop she is just looking at any reason at all to bash police and protest this or that, like I said I am no fan of them by any means, I have no reason to respect them from the situations that have occured in the past with my mother being the victim. But I'm also not going to bash them for actually doing their jobs. Just saying
Posted January 27, 2015 by WilliamUK in Society
Open The Gates again - There is no time to waste - We have to move fast and quick here with the Job in hand before it's too late - Let e'm in Boy's and send e'm in and keep e'm in by the Millions - Don't ever,ever let e'm out again. We are not referring to immigration here let it be known. Ha Ha !!
We have heard of The Ghost Train Ride at The FunFair. But this Jewish Train Ride thing is taking The Biscuit out of me and making me feel rather cross too !!

70 Years on - H M D? - Today is just another ordinary working day for me and many others too - What is all the Fuss about? H M D? - It's all made up stuff and it's time for people to open their eyes to the actual REAL TRUTH of the matter and STOP listening to Jewish idle gossip - I don't wish to hear of or know any further of this H M D thing - Enough said !!
Harry L Hughes
Our Time With Guardian UK
Posted January 25, 2015 by Harry L Hughes in Society
One of my friends, within Minuteman circles, referred Guardian UK to our border operations we conduct inside the Sonoran Desert National Monument in southern Arizona. Although this piece focuses much of their time of the casualties and deportees relating to unlawful border crossing, I did manage to get a few of my most relevant points made clear.

Migrants, Minutemen and dead bodies on the Mexico-Arizona border – video
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