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Harry L Hughes
Our Time With Guardian UK
Posted January 25, 2015 by Harry L Hughes in Society
One of my friends, within Minuteman circles, referred Guardian UK to our border operations we conduct inside the Sonoran Desert National Monument in southern Arizona. Although this piece focuses much of their time of the casualties and deportees relating to unlawful border crossing, I did manage to get a few of my most relevant points made clear.

Migrants, Minutemen and dead bodies on the Mexico-Arizona border – video
NSM_Commander tioning-to-run-for-Elkhart-mayor.html

ELKHART — A National Socialist who believes in the separation of races is petitioning to run for mayor of Elkhart.

Dale Duncan said Thursday, Jan. 15, that he’ll be seeking sufficient signatures to get on the November ballot as a representative of the National Socialist Movement. The Detroit-based group describes itself as a white nationalist organization, while the Southern Poverty Law Center, a national civil rights group, calls it a neo-Nazi group “notable for its violent anti-Jewish rhetoric, its racist views.”

“I’m fighting for the white race, yes, but I’m not against other races,” said Duncan, 60, who’s unemployed and relies on Social Security disability payments. He was vague on his vision if elected but singled out the education system, saying it “needs to be redone.”

Duncan lives in an east Elkhart apartment complex and generated the ire of neighbors in 2013 after he flew a Nazi flag from his unit’s balcony April 15, 2013, the day of the Boston Marathon bombing. He also flew it a few days later on Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Neighbors complained, and managers of the complex subsequently started enforcing a rule prohibiting flying flags outside individual units.

As a minor party hopeful, Duncan’s required to get 171 signatures of eligible voters in Elkhart to get on the ballot in the race, according to Chris Anderson, chief deputy in the Elkhart County Clerk’s Office. That figure represents 2 percent of the votes cast in the Indiana secretary of state race last year in the precincts that make up Elkhart.

Duncan, who acknowledges his bid is a long shot, has until June 30 to gather the signatures, which the Elkhart County Voter Registration Office would have to verify.

Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore, a Democrat, is seeking his third stint in the post. Two Republicans are also running, Tim Neese, a former state lawmaker and Elkhart City Council member, and Dan Boecher, executive director of Downtown Elkhart Inc.
Isle of Wight
Here are a few links that I had posted in the past that I think you will find interesting on the Jews and how they control everything even the lies about the holocaust.

Jews control everything in America (and the World) @:

Let’s see. 6 million dead so there must be a film or movie record of it. Gee. I have never seen anything documenting & showing Jews actually being gassed or cremated by The Third Reich. Has anyone else ever seen anything on film to back up the Jewish claims of being killed in a holocaust? One would think that there would be proof if it actually happened. The Red Cross puts the real number at 271,301 @:

History of the 6 million number killed & video (11.24) @:

Readers Digest February 1943 with the 6 million number & video (10:48) @:

More picture fakes @:

Posted January 11, 2015 by WilliamUK in Society
The NSM UK Unit Meet and Greet, is this Saturday, 17th January, 2015.

The venue is in South West England, The City of Bristol, ( Central Area )

We shall commence at 12 noon approx.

For further information contact: or here via my
newsaxon profile ( WilliamUK )

NS Regards.

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Isle of Wight

It is not just France but every country that has let them in that you have these No-Go Zones where the Muslims have taken over and the very people who are natives to that country are forbidden to go there. Without me listing every country and statistic just search Google or You Tube and search Muslim No-Go Zones and pick any country that has them. Like Dearborn, Michigan, the United States sanctuary cities like Lewiston, Maine, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, any Scandinavian country, or just Muslims in general and see what shows up. You have once white areas that are off limits to whites that now if you were to go there you will be lucky if they do not kill you but merely let you go with a beating to within an inch of your life.

French No-Go Zones @:

Swedish No-Go Zones @:

European No-Go Zones @:

Dearborn, Michigan No-Go Zones @:

More on USA No-Go Zones @: !

Here is the list & videos on No-Go Zones for Whites @:

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