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Posted January 2, 2015 by vengance_88 in Society
People come people go
all i know is im still here an ill never go
true to the end
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The history of Germany is not the history of a nation, but of a race...
Germanicus destroyed the religious and cultural place Mattium of the Chattis. The revenge for fighting in the Varus battle against Rome. Tacitus described the location of the Land of the Chatti and its race characteristics within The narration of Germanicus' campaign.
Isle of Wight
There are two official names episcopal church specified in its constitution and protestant church. It was founded in james town,virgia 1607. Episcopalians tend to be considerably wealthier and better educated then most other religious groups in america and are disproportionately represented in the upper reaches of american business,law,politics,especially in the republican party, in 1976 they affirmed that homosexuals are children of god who deserves acceptance and pastoral care from the church. The reason i am writing this i found out this church has a church in all 55 counties of wv and alot of in other states. we need to find out more on this church cause with the pull and power they hold having a church in all 55 counties in wv. this why i think wv didnt want to withdraw gay marriage and i believe this church maybe the cause of alot of laws not passing and passing if you look at the facts that is what you will get
Harry L Hughes
Communism in Ferguson, Missouri
Posted November 29, 2014 by Harry L Hughes in Society
It's common knowledge that the Communists want to take control of the United States and dissolve our Constitutional Republic. They have established goals and a means of achieving those goals.

Communists predicted long ago that they would achieve success in America without ever firing a shot. This is what they meant, and they are well on their way to that success. The American people need to understand that our nations division is no accident. It was systematically designed, diligently deployed, as a means of eliminating individuals and creating voting blocks instead.

During my trip to the National Socialist Movement rally in Rockwall, Texas, Communist Party members were demonstrating and advocating for open borders. The Communist Party also endorsed Barack Obama, during his Presidential campaigns. Have you seen the writing on the wall, yet?

A Communist revolution is quietly taking place in the United States, while most of the sheeple idly sit by, oblivious to the creation of this Marxist regime. They still think that voting Republican or Democrat is the way to go. The fact is, it may already be too late.

Members of the Communist Party are at the Ferguson PD, chanting "The only solution, is a Communist revolution"... A February 2, 2010 Communist Party USA article “Convention Discussion: A Time to Grow” explained they plan to meet their goals by running for office “within the auspices of the Democratic Party” because “conditions rarely if ever allow us to run open Communists for office.” More...
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