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Brie Reich
No word in the modern English language has come to epitomize evil so much as the term racist. As used by the media, schools,politicians and churches in reference to Whites it incorporates all that is darkest in the human breast, curiously at a time when the traditional cultures of non-white peoples have taken on greater prominence.
When a man or woman of non-Western origin recounts ancestral achievement it is seen as an expression of pride, but when done by a White it is interpreted as “hate,” or “white supremacy”. The pride of others is the “hate” of Whites. Other races can have their indigenous cultures and nations but every white nation in the Western world must be “multicultural,” and anyone who desires a white nation is not a white nationalist but is always defiled in the media as a “white supremacist”.

We of the Aryan Renaissance Society reject multiculturalism. We believe this rejection is for the benefit of humanity, for no race has been the originator and purveyor of civilization throughout all history more than the Aryan. Present nations of the West, however, are already lost as white nations although in not one was the policy of multiculturalism put to democratic vote in political elections or referenda. It has been a policy brought by subterfuge and deceit. Our ambition is to establish at least one white nation based on the following principles:


Human races are not commensurate with nation, country or religion but are divisions of humanity, composed of people biologically and genetically related, sharing a common ancestry and heritage that shapes and separates them from all others. We of the Aryan Renaissance Society recognize race as the determining factor in the evolution of history, and consequently recognize that the white race has been particularly productive in the blazing of cultural achievement throughout the ages. We therefore reject egalitarianism, communism, international socialism and all systems or ideologies that fail to recognize race as the paramount determining factor in human progress.


Race determines Nation. The underlying ideological, social, political and general cultural structures typifying a nation are externalizations of the inner nature of the particular founding or ruling race. Commonly practiced customs, mores, even religious teachings, are based on intrinsic feelings about right and wrong, truth and honor, life and death. Thus a nation is given its form. Radical liberalism and multiracial egalitarianism erode the Nation. They undermine the importance of Folk, Faith, Family and culture, depriving the people of their historical identity, sense of unity and community, shared purpose, destiny and direction. They destroy the nation as protector of the Race. We of the Aryan Renaissance Society seek to eliminate the ideologies of social decay and to replace them with a renewed racial consciousness.


As racially aware people we seek to align our society with the laws of nature, in particular with the imperative in nature for ever higher levels of existence and continuing organic development. This means common sense mate selection and the intelligent application of eugenic principles. It also means open access to all levels of education and health care, and the adoption of the philosophical principle that the goal of Aryan society should be the advancement of our people. A healthy society embodies a spiritual principle as well. In our neighborhoods, schools, universities and social organizations there must exist a feeling of kinship, shared heritage and destiny unencumbered by superstition or dogma, in an atmosphere where honor and excellence once again have meaning and value. We do not seek to eradicate white ethnic distinctions, i.e., among Aryans of Germanic, Celtic, etc. extraction, but merely to build an Aryan society free of
alien, extraracial influences.


We seek government of the best and the brightest; an Aryan oligarchy based on genetic aristocracy, with due deference to merit and social mobility. The function of government must be to serve the Race, to ensure its separation and independence, defend its territory and protect it from dispossession or diminishment through assimilation or any other means. Toward these ends a meritocratic body will be erected with jurisdiction over the entire school system of the Nation, from kindergarten to university, that will itself be composed of the highest intellectual caliber the Nation has to offer. The members of this body will be selected up through the school system. In addition to instruction it will serve as an advisory council to the institutions of democratic government, and thus serve to anchor society against the chaotic developments inevitably encountered by a free people. Its only power will be that of persuasion, not being a democratically elected body. All actual power will reside with democratically elected representative assemblies.


Today’s public schools have been transformed from places of learning into liberal, multicultural indoctrination centers where Aryan children are saddled with racial guilt and propagandized with egalitarian ideology. This must end. We believe the education system must serve to enhance the Race, not destroy it. For that purpose all education, even through university levels, must be free. We oppose ‘affirmative action,’ education quotas, set-asides and all programs in education which unduly award non-Aryans on the basis of race at the expense of better qualified Whites.


Private capitalism encourages individual incentive and rewards the intelligent and industrious, allowing through competition the best to survive. This is perfectly harmonious with racialism where competition is actually practiced. The reality is that price competition is rarely practiced in a mature corporate economy. Competition is with innovations, sometimes frivolous ones, that give an advertising edge. The eventual outcome of competition and survival of the economically fittest are large corporations with monopoly power that have virtual control over the state. When that power works against the racial preservation of the Nation, as we see with globalization, resulting in outsourcing and importation of cheap third world labor, private capitalism becomes a danger. There is nothing wrong with globalization and free trade when practiced from comparative advantage in the production of commodities; for example, growing bananas in Canada would not make sense when bananas can be grown more cheaply in Guatemala and imported into Canada. It is when the same rationale is applied to labor that free trade becomes destructive, since then it is jobs that move from industrialized white countries to the cheaper labor markets of the third world. One answer to corporate capitalism is co-operative capitalism, i.e., worker-owned industries, which is a more efficient system shown in the buy-out of businesses around the world by the workers in companies when threatened with unemployment due to the failure of corporate management in those companies. Neither government control of socialized industries nor regulative laws are required for co-operative capitalism to replace corporate capitalism, for due to its efficiency the system could out compete the privately owned corporate sector to eventually become the dominant system. Economics should involve effectively channeling resources and adapting the environment to the needs of our people. It is possible that these and other ends would be served more efficiently by a banking system in which money is not created from debt; however, in the final analysis we believe the economic challenges confronting us today are not so much a consequence of any particular economic system, but rather the social ideologies and special interests influencing those systems. If economic systems lack racial and cultural underpinnings, they will ultimately become life-destroying instead of life enriching.


We recognize the inherent right and proclivity of all people to believe in, or at least entertain the possibility of, a spiritual existence that survives physical death. In the pursuit of such belief we acknowledge the freedom of all individuals. However, there is a Bigger Picture involved in relation to society than that of individual belief. History teaches that ideology, usually in the form of spiritual religion, has been fundamental to civilization, that when it passed out of the lives of people so did their culture and traditions and consequently their society. If there is no collective consciousness there can be no collective, no matter its benefit. That is how the people of the West have come to see themselves: as atomized individuals, interested in what they can derive on a purely personal level. A society dedicated to a great cause will be far different than one centered on self-interest and indulgence, and in that sense Christianity has failed Western Civilization.


We recognize the male-female relationship as one of cooperation, rather than competition; it is a complementary, mutually respectful, and virtually sacred state. We recognize the family unit as the basis of Aryan society, whose function for the society is the begetting of healthy children. This function will be sanctified by the society. Other sexual liaisons not consummated for the begetting of children, such as between homosexuals and non-breeding heterosexuals will not have sanctification. We therefore support tax breaks, childcare programs, youth outreach and support programs, and all community projects aimed at enhancing family values. We see Aryan children as the future and destiny of our race and believe they should be nurtured and cherished accordingly.


We as a people must recognize ourselves as an intrinsic aspect of the Cosmic whole. Racialism and environmentalism go hand-in-hand. Just as we have reverence for our racial heritage so must we have reverence for the physical aspects of our national heritage, for its rivers, forests, land, air quality and animals. These must be protected from the ravages of industrial expansion and pollution, but balanced with
regard to the needs of our race and civilization.


America is an example of a society in the process of self-destruction, repeating the pattern of racial suicide that consumed ancient Rome and other multiracial empires of the past. We believe, emphatically, in the absolute necessity of an autonomous and exclusive ARYAN racial state. To achieve that racial autonomy in a multiracial world may depend first on spreading our racialist philosophy throughout the white populations of the West, securing numbers for colonization in presently unpopulated areas, and waiting through attrition for the collapse of the decaying multiracial society around those enclaves. This is not meant to imply inaction in the meantime.

On a larger scale Whites might soon find themselves compelled toward migration and resettlement, political secession, and the establishment of an Aryan Racial State. Areas have already been earmarked in anticipation of this eventuality, such as the American Northwest and Western Canada. European nations too are suffering cultural decay as a consequence of multiracialism, as non-Aryan immigrants encroach upon white living space in an effort to exploit generous social welfare programs and the higher standard of living. In time, white nationalists in Europe may find themselves looking to the Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltics, and parts of Western Russia as possible destinations for Aryan Colonization. Despite any shortcomings, these areas still maintain majority white populations, have not yet completely capitulated to egalitarianism, and have governments susceptible to change. Another area is Australia, often underrated because of its desert interior, but the objective of Aryan Colonization is strategic, not for the purpose of building Shangri-La.

Well meaning people bemoan the threatened extinction of the gorilla, tiger, whale species, now even the polar bear, and so they should, but not a whimper is heard in protest over the most tragic threatened extinction of all: that of the Aryan race. America will no longer be predominantly white in 50 years, nor will Europe in 100 years. Even Sweden is now “multicultural”. Make no mistake: Multiculturalism means the end of white nationhood. Liberals who would never think of living in a non-white country or neighborhood themselves thoughtlessly condemn their grandchildren to that fate by supporting multiculturalism today. Population dynamics, childless marriages, racially mixed offspring, etc. are all taking their toll on Aryan populations. Many reasons can be cited, but one remedy is vital, and that is the return to the Aryan race its sense of pride, sense of historical importance and sense of leadership in an evolving world. To do so is not only for the race itself but also, in view of its achievements, for all humanity. We believe our desire to save the Aryan race from dispossession, diminishment and displacement is the most compassionate and humane, the most moral, and the most ethical imperative imaginable, and we are committed to whatever is necessary for the achievement of these ends.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

--David Lane

If you wish to help further this Cause, you are encouraged to contact your local A.R.S. affiliate.
Brie Reich
Posted March 31, 2014 by Brie Reich in Society

The Aryan Renaissance Society is an internationally-oriented network of dedicated White Separatists diligently striving to impart a New Racial Consciousness to Aryankind. Ultimately, we seek a safe, sane, and separate society; an autonomous Aryan Society in which to celebrate and enrich our august cultural heritage, and in which we and our descendants may mature and prosper, mastering our destiny and continuing in our ongoing upward development toward a higher state.

Our goals lie in the future – not the past. We are a Society dedicated to placing long-cherished ideals and time-honored traditions in a contemporary context and addressing the current state of Aryan Affairs in a realistic, solution-oriented fashion.

The Aryan Renaissance Society functions as a fraternal order; an inter-related network of lodges, chapters, cells, and individuals operating largely independently of one another and yet inter-connected within our network, employing a common operational standard and united toward a common cause.

What follows is a brief presentation of some of our basic and more commonly held beliefs, and a summary of our overall objectives:

• We believe each and every race of people are entirely justified in seeking to exist, grow, and prosper, in accordance with their own abilities, as a separate and distinct race of people, free of interference or obstruction from other racially alien peoples.

• We believe the White Indo-European (Aryan) peoples, as historic creator of civilization and standard bearers of high culture and achievement, have blazed their own unique and inimitable course through time and history.

• We recognize the mores, values, and customs of our forefathers as the embodiment of a basic code of conduct developed over time and conducive to the furtherance of a civilized, productive and harmonious society.

• We recognize the concept of race in intimate, incessant, and inextricable combination with culture and history and, recognizing culture itself as a cumulative concept influenced by, and manifesting in, successive generations, we understand and accept our responsibilities as temporary custodians of the Aryan Cultural Ideal, in accordance with the lineal bonds of kinship.

• We believe in the Collective Consciousness of Aryankind as a manifestation of a higher principle, which separates us spiritually from the other races.

• We believe the act of miscegenation, both literal and spiritual, to be the ultimate abomination against race and Nature.

• We believe our presence upon this planet is spiritually, organically, and inextricably interwoven with our natural environment.

• We believe in the edification of Aryankind, and to those ends promote physical fitness and sound emotional and mental health practices, in conjunction with self-cultivation and personal achievement.

• Recognizing the biological reality of race and its concomitant attributes, we believe in and promote the ongoing upward development of Aryankind through the intelligent application of eugenic principles.

• We believe in the sanctity of both manhood and womanhood, and we recognize the male-female relationship as a complimentary, mutually respectful, and virtually sacred state.

• We believe White Children constitute the future and destiny of our race, and should be nurtured and cherished accordingly. To these ends we promote traditional Aryan family values, homeschooling, and various youth outreach and support programs.

• We believe there are forces at work in contemporary society, converging to create an atmosphere disastrously detrimental to the interests of our Folk and, moreover, we believe this currently prevailing social climate – including the ongoing anti-Aryan madness and the bastardization of our race – constitutes a clear and present danger to the existence of our Kind.

• We believe, emphatically, in racial separation and the absolute necessity of an exclusive and autonomous Aryan Racial State.

• We believe there will come a time in the future when mankind may be faced with serious problems which can only be appropriately addressed by a superior people; thus, the Manifest Destiny of Aryankind.


Outreach endeavors of the Aryan Renaissance Society began at the most basic level with our personal associations and interactions. Society members pursue increasing levels of self-enrichment adding to their understanding and their ability to effectively articulate the Cause to others. (Guidelines for personal enrichment, as well as Society membership criteria, are explicitly set forth in our bylaws.) The outreach continues with the production and distribution of literature and the dissemination of various cultural, historical, educational, and other Cause-related materials.

The Society seeks to sponsor and promote meetings, cultural seminars and historical exhibits; survivalist, self-sufficiency, and self-defense course; rallies, public demonstrations, and holiday celebrations; and concerts, family gatherings, and youth programs. Programs and exhibits of this nature are geared toward raising community awareness of racial issues, rekindling a common cultural identity, and encouraging Aryan Racial Solidarity.

Society members will additionally pursue specific social and environmental issues, economic and political activism, and various legal actions in accordance with our agenda. These issues and activities provide a public forum for our views, and an opportunity to debate our opposition.

Not every chapter or lodge will necessarily be active in all of these areas; individual chapters and members are encouraged to pursue specific areas of endeavor best suited to their own particular talents and resources. This type of functional diversity allows us a greater flexibility as well as a wider range of outreach and activities. The unique contribution of each individual member/activist can be a crucial element in our overall efforts, and we seek to identify and channel those talents in an appropriate and productive direction.

Financing for these and other activities begins at the local level with dues, donations and contributions, along with the sale of various issue-related materials and paraphernalia (e.g. literature, books, banners, bumper stickers, flags, posters, artwork, T-shirts, jewelry, video and audio tapes, music CDs, etc.). Beyond this the respective chapters will employ numerous fund-raising activities ranging from raffles and charity events to assorted small and large business ventures and real estate endeavors. As in other areas, both chapters and the individual members are encouraged to undertake any such profit-generating activities which may fall within the range of their talents ad abilities.

Paramount amongst our goals is the eventual establishment of our own private Aryan enclaves, aimed largely toward exclusivity and self-sufficiency. These outposts are to provide an environment in which members and their families may live and prosper in a racially pure and pristine atmosphere and raise healthy and well-adjusted White children apart from the decadence, decay, and detrimental alien influences pervading multicultural society at large; an environment in which we hope to avoid, as much as possible, unwarranted governmental interference and intervention in our private lives and community affairs as we continue the work of our Society.

Contingent to resources and locations, many chapters may hold this as their primary objective and in this fashion our Society will evolve into an inter-related network of racially-based enclaves working in concert with the remaining lodges, chapters, and cells around the country and, in time, internationally.

At this point the Aryan Renaissance SOCIETY will have become a viable and formidable force possessing the strength, influence, and resources to set about ushering in the final phase of the true Aryan Renaissance: A revival and resurgence of Aryan culture and achievement and a decisive move toward Aryan Racial Sovereignty and autonomy in the twenty-first century!

Our Society is an institution of dignity, honor, integrity, commitment, and discipline. We seek those with The Vision: proud Aryan men and women with a passion for our plight as a people, and the strength of character to join us in our quest to forge the nucleus of a new and sacred Aryan society, toward a New Aryan Order.
SS MSG. Matt Bradley
The ATB and IKA are co hosting the 2nd annual white unity gathering in Kentucky this weekend. It is going to be a full day of events and guess speakers from other organizations including Commander Schoep of the NSM. This is something everyone should try to attend. For more information follow this link and contact the organizers of the event.
Dan J Tomkiell
88 My White Racial Volk!
I'm sure you have heard of the new service that is offering to those that seek to know their ethnic and racial origins,Ancestry DNA. A useful tool for Genealogists and Family tree finders; because of piece of mind, finding out your not impure with infected bloodlines do to the fact of earlier generations not taking time to restrain themselves from breeding with undesirable persons or to find that your lineage goes back hundred of years connected to Royal blood or at least Family Origins that would make one proud to tell those around of your great ancestor's accomplishments!
Whatever the reason it's a good way to research your Heritage and Hereditary so not to be lost and forgotten by time and modern thinking that seems to be blending All cultures and peoples into one big plasma pool of goo!
A people that forget where they come from will most definitely not care where they will be going including their offspring. So when their language dies out when not using it through communicating in their society they will most definitely will loose their own identity: culture- Arts, Heritage, Traditions, Image, Religion..esc.
In modern American culture we seem not to care about these things that make us who our people are and where so proud to be!
We can not forget our Family and Racial Ancestry Origins, the White European Ethnic languages and Traditions.
Lets go deeper and speak the languages and remember our lost traditions of our ethnic backgrounds that through modern times and generations that slowly became "American" assimilated in this Diverse culture melting pot forgot or became lazy to want to keep their Volk alive within them and give their children the gifts of Heritage, the knowledge of our great people!
So does anyone actually have any online Genealogy service's as We could utilize this tool so those that wish to truly know where they come from can take pride in their Bloodline Ancestry.
If you do I'm sure you would be thanked much by your Brothers and Sisters!
Last October, while Johnny Milano (photographer)was out my way, I did a photo shoot with this outfit from the UK. At first, they wanted all kind of "border Nazi" nonsense and I rejected their first two proposals. Oddly, they kept coming back with counter proposals. Finally, after considerable negotiation, we came up with something we could agree on.

Assisting me are a couple of my friends from Hidden Valley. They too, have been victims of the lack of border enforcement. At times, the Mexicans would throw rocks at their dogs and horses. They would steal their chickens. Then, all those nights when the dogs started barking and not knowing who or how many were out there.

Dave and Sue have been long time residents of Hidden Valley and want to see the border secure. This is our home and we all want to be able to enjoy our right to the peaceful enjoyment of our property. Until the border is secure and illegal aliens are deported in massive quantities, we will not have that peace.

Just this evening (March 16, 2014), The Pinal County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Border Patrol initiated a traffic stop. Along Warren Rd. & Mayer Blvd., was a shiny black car and multiple illegal aliens sitting in the dirt. Their next stop will be the alien detention center. That's right, "Alien Detention Center," NOT immigrant detention center.

America's Nazi Border Patrol

Harry Hughes is a leading member of America's National Socialist Party and in his spare time likes to patrol the US/Mexico border.

We caught up with him in Arizona and talked Nazis, war and just how come he ended up with a German Shepherd called 'Blondie'.

The photos came out good and without a detailed narrative, they were not trying to be too biased.



SS Lt. Harry L. Hughes III
Director, N.S.M. Region 11/N.S.M.-AZ Media Spokesman
N.S.M.-MEDIA Associate Producer
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