Neo-Nazis want ‘monument to the white race’ built in North Dakota town

Published time: August 01, 2014 16:19
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Members of the National Socialist Movement "salute" a speaker during a neo-Nazi rally at the Jackson County Courthouse November 9, 2013 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Reuters/Dave Kaup)



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A group of Neo-Nazis who unsuccessfully attempted to take over a small North Dakota town last year now say they’re considering erecting a monument there to honor the white race.

The city of Leith, ND made headlines in 2013 when Craig Cobb, an infamous white supremacist, reportedly purchased a dozen plots of land there with plans to relocate a congregation of like-minded individuals into town to create a “whites only” enclave. Cobb’s vision has been anything but realized, however, and local media reported last month that he now lives 220 miles away after pleading guilty to charges of terrorizing and misdemeanor related to his racist endeavor.

All isn’t lost, though, according to an Associated Press dispatch this week.

On Thursday, the AP reported that Cobb deeded away some of those lots to three fellow white supremacists who have plans for the property.

One of the individuals, former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Tom Metzger, “says he's considering at some point building a monument to the white race,” the AP reported, “or perhaps erecting a sign imploring oil companies to not destroy the environment.”

Jeff Schoep, another Cobb ally also known by the moniker “skoop,” may try to establish a building for National Socialist Movement members, the AP added.

In March, Metzger told the Dickinson Press that had had “no interest in giving any <lots> back” to Leith. According to this week’s AP report, Mayor Ryan Schock tells reporters that any of the men’s effort — be it for a “white power museum” or otherwise — is not currently a concern for the city, which the United States Census Bureau counts only 16 people as residents.

When asked at the city’s 105-year anniversary celebration last month about Cobb’s unsuccessful attempt to turn Leith into a whites-only enclave, Mayor Schock told WDAZ News: “We’re not even going to try to bring the thing up.”

“We’ve got the town nice and cleaned up now, and things are kind of back to normal. I think it’s a good way to put an end to it all,” Schock said.

If Cobb’s colleagues have their way, however, then all that might change.

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BEST NSM Worldtalk Show
Posted July 27, 2014 by Kevin_James
July 24th, NSM Worldtalk host, Brian Culpepper, interviewed SS Captain Harry Hughes, who is also the Director of Region 11, and a frequent border observer and activist.

This was probably one of the BEST NSM Worldtalk episodes Culpepper has done to-date!



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“Maya Peterson was the first black female student president of The Lawrenceville School, an affluent academy…located in New Jersey. This March, after Peterson mocked her white male classmates on Instagram, she claims she was asked to step down or face disciplinary action” from administrators.

The Instagram photos might seem to be relatively harmless at first glance by anyone of today’s brainwashed multi-culti youth. “Peterson is dressed in stereotypical preppy male clothing, holding a hockey stick and staring straight into the camera…”with added hashtags including ‘#confederate,’ ‘#romney2016’ and ‘#peakedinhighschool’…<that> some Lawrenceville students thought…were offensive.”

In case you haven’t figured out, Lawrenceville is largely male college preparatory school that puts the ‘prep’ in ‘preppie.’ Yes, there are still some of THOSE out there. But, truth is told, to a large degree, many young white males identify with this life-motif.

Peterson was called," even a "spoiled malcontent."

"’The PC policies and diversity for the sake of diversity over the last fifteen years ... have precipitated this sort of event,’ one commenter said.”

“Peterson <eloquently> acknowledged her post could make white students uncomfortable by saying, ‘Yes, I am making a mockery of the right-wing, confederate-flag hanging, openly misogynistic Lawrentians’.”

Of course, she also felt the need to bring the attention to her perception in a “lighthearted way,” and that no one else had bothered to do so before.

This ‘issue’ has probably not been brought to anyone’s attention for the same reason we uncomfortably laughed at the school administrator in California who proclaimed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ‘racist’ – It’s STUPID! What’s worse, is that Peterson herself might not be as racially tolerant as she seems to proclaim.

“In the yearbook photo, she and 10 black friends <had previously> raised their fists in the classic ‘black power" salute,” just one of “several controversial incidents, according to BuzzFeed.” These also included allegations of Peterson using marijuana. No wonder a few confederate flags periodically popped up on the campus in response to this racial effrontery and mockery of the institution’s white and academic cultures.

CNN notes that, although “Peterson was ousted as student-body president,” she “has since graduated from The Lawrenceville School.”

“‘I understand why I hurt people's feelings, but I didn't become president to make sure rich white guys had more representation on campus,’ she said.”
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