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Posted February 27, 2015 by Kevin_James
I've been monitoring the recent reactions and reports regarding the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's decree to endorse 'Net Neutrality.' Sorry, people, but some of you are not getting it.

In deciding that common internet providers/carriers (internet service providers, or ISPs) cannot slow down certain bandwidth-intensive internet content providers (i.e. Netflix and Amazon) or charge extra for their use, the FCC embraced and imposed a time-tested policy of rational marketplace fairness. However, ATT and Verizon don't seem to want to 'get' it.

Specifically, this policy decision forces ISPs to provide a consistent transmission platform, regardless of the technical 'heaviness' of the content.

Now before anyone says, “Hey, doesn't it cost them more to provide streaming video or music from Amazon and Netflix?”, read on.

Yes, it does...IN THEORY.


Hmm, sounds a little like National Socialism, doesn't it?

The vilified Adolf Hitler was charismatically emblematic as he was pragmatic. He decreed that government should have the power to regulate the use of private property for the good of the nation. While we cannot necessarily make such a cavalier statement today, we CAN say that the profit interest of companies must be tempered when it is in conflict with the public good. In case you need a brief history lesson to understand this, read on.

In the 1906, America enacted the Pure Food and Drug Act. Before that legislative proclamation, it was permissible to add sand to bags of sugar. I'm not kidding! Until then, profit motive allowed such consumer health atrocities! The government was acting in a nearly National Socialistic way to provide for universal food safety. It was a rational way of keeping people safe, and leveling an ethically unjust economic playing field.

Just like today's FCC affirmation of Net Neutrality sends a definite message to ISPs that they cannot discriminately charge more potentially date-intensive transmissions.

Can they charge more OVERALL?

Of course they CAN. But, greater cost-scales (supposedly to 'cover' the costs of data-streaming) would be shared by ALL of the ISP's subscribers, and tempered by what the economic votes of consumers might bare. So, an ISP shocking its customers with too much of a price increase would likely face a 'penalty' of attrition. And the marketplace would create its own eventual equilibrium.

Gee, Hitler was right, wasn't he?! Rational economics based on 'fairness' CAN work!

Who would have thought it?

Not the greedy ATT and Verizon!

NOTE: This essay was written by Kevin James, Acting Director of NSM Media, and may or may not be the endorsed belief of the National Socialist Movement. Comrade James has a bachelors degree in broadcast journalism and production from a major American university, and has freelanced in the media since 1988. Currently, besides being employed by a major internet IT company, Kevin James is the Acting Director of NSM Media, the co-host of NSM Weekend, consulting producer with NSM Worldtalk, a blogger on various NSM Media outlets, and a freelancer in independent video producer and PR consultant. He seems to have some awareness, background, and understanding of 'net neutrality.'
Posted February 27, 2015 by Kevin_James
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Posted February 27, 2015 by Kevin_James
No one likes to see someone else in pain. Except for the Maquis de Sade. But, that historical figure was 'nuts' anyway! However today, the Obama Administration seems to be causing its share of pain these days.

After a black teenager was killed by an illegal alien, the pained and distraught father pleadingly asks of Congress “if black lives really matter.” Ironic that the once-pathetic dirge of “Do black lives matter?” that echoed hollowly in Ferguson is now taking a more topically useful tone:

But, the pain of illegal immigration continues to amplify such past grievous injustices also by the Obama Administration, such as torture in Benghazi. Now South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy is painfully incensed. And, he wars that Democrats will one day painfully “cry out” for having elected Obama:
For some time now, various columnists and radio hosts with NSM Media have put forth the increasing evidence from a variety of sources which allege that 'Reverend' Al Sharpton (MSNBC talk show host and political activist) is a self-serving rabble-rouser.

Now, talk show host and producer, Bryon Allen breaks the curious ties Sharpton has with media companies, and how they allegedly prefer to pay HIM, instead of the potentially more expensive proposition of paying black-owned media companies.

Allen is no slacker. After being one of the hosts on NBC's Real People during the 1970's, and the syndicated Entertainers for over a decade, Allen formed his Entertainment Studios in 1993. It's website proclaims the business as being “a fully integrated global media production and distribution company,” having eight HD networks, “dozens of first-run syndicated shows,” and “over 5,000 hours of HD programming....”

Bryon Allen very likely KNOWS what he is talking about.

Granted, paying Sharpton NOT to call your media outlet 'racist' may be easier than providing pro-social grants to black-owned media companies. But, what seems like Sharpton's clever 'extortion'-of-sorts of non-black media companies is equally (if not MORE) abhorrent if ever proven true. I\n fact, the fascinating allegations of Sharpton's potentially unethical media meddling is nothing short of amazing, if Allen's take on it is true.

Interestingly enough, Allen claims that Sharpton is a Obama Administration shill who is helping black media outlets suffer through his own antics.

With many of NSM Media having professional training and experience in the media and the world of public relations, nothing would surprise us. Read the original articles, and decide for yourself:

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