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Cleveland Race Riot and Texas Shooting Suspicions!
Aryan Knight
Posted May 23, 2015 by Aryan Knight in Spirituality
And the priest shall burn all on the altar to be a burnt sacrifice, an offering made by fire, of a sweet savor unto the Lord - Leviticus 1:9

God accepts human sacrifices 2 Sam 21:8,9,14/ Gen 22:2/ Judg 11:30-32,34,38,39


There is a large problem with the actions incited by artist, John Sims. He might be seen by some as inciting a riot of discontent as he inflames a still-recognized historical symbol that just happens to be likewise still recognized by some people.

And since those people are predominantly white, the question begs asking if Sims hoped for anti-confederate actions are racially insensitive, prejudiced, and even ANTI-WHITE! What a (hopefully) accidentally hurtful gesture!

Is not this something akin to the admittedly racist joke in the old Mel Brooks movie, Blazing Saddles? You know the scene. It involves the KKK and some timelessly tasteless joke:

All kidding aside, we wonder if Mr. Sims would equally consider burning some RAP CDs, inasmuch as many songs of that musical genre seem to glorify guns and violence, while demeaning women – usually BLACK WOMEN!

As a parting humorous note, perhaps the music of VANILLA ICE can be tossed on the fire FIRST. Although white, the music of Robert Matthew Van Winkle is so commercially 'cheesy,' that it's offensive to anyone of any color for its musical make up. Feel THAT vibration!


First of all, many people are wise enough to know, but oddly scared to admit that Israel would not accept such an offer.

Second, WHY is President Obama pandering to American Jews?! They live in America, and NOT in Israel. HOW can THEY influence Israeli policy...Unless they are DUAL CITIZENS. THAT revisits a burgeoning range of suspicions that have already been floated onto the world stage of public opinion.
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