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Let us hope the United States does not go the way French President (2007-2012) Nicolas Sarkozy (w/Jewish roots) proposed and force all of us to be interracially married @:

David Floyd
Social Media
Posted September 14, 2014 by David Floyd in Society
Social media really annoys me. You search for like minded people to interact with, look for people who share your beliefs and all you get are posers. They will come as being white and proud, post great messages and pictures, claim to be national socialist and then began talking about their black girlfriend. Then get mad at you for calling them out on it. It makes it all very frustrating. I prefer face to face interactions but that is not always possible and technology is great for times like that but if you are a poser and do not care enough about your race to even bother looking for a white woman then stop wasting my time.

Sorry had to rant a little.

NOTE: While many of Nugent's remarks may philosophically resonant relatively close to that of our worldview, the NSM does not endorse violence against anyone.
NSM Magazine Now Online
Posted September 13, 2014 by Kevin_James
NSM Media is pleased to announce the publication of the most recent "NSM Magazine!" In it, you will find some of the best of the best writing, with news, commentary, and analysis by a variety of writers and photographers. In this issue, you will find the Commander's Forward (largely taken from the Chattanooga National Meeting), plus reports from the Kansas City Rally as well. But, nothing misses our attention.

You'll also find out how NSM leadership meet with black leaders in Beverly Hills (and the surprising reason of why "We Do Not Hate"), plus articles on the Black Iron MC Division, our thoughts on Ferguson, Missouri, the "State of Capitalism," the shocking essay of why "Americans Are Stupid"). plus revealing looks at the subjects of "honor", "Computer Security" and the "National Socialist Protocol". Several products from NSM88 Records are presented, and an NSM Application is provided, too!

NSM Magazine is provided by the professionally trained volunteers of NSM Media. Pursuant to our the 'green' aspects of National Socialism, this periodically published journal is available EXCLUSIVELY via!
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