Posted May 25, 2015 by Kevin_James
Harry Hughes of NSM Media brings us this interesting link of an interview supposedly conducted with Adolf Hitler with a Jew. Interestingly enough, the author of the interview inadvertently admits that he misrepresented himself. Wonder why...
Posted May 25, 2015 by Kevin_James
Gathered by KJ and Aryan Knight of NSM Media

71 protesters were arrested according to CNN ( ) during what amounted to a riot in Cleveland, after a white police officer was acquitted in the shooting two black people.

NSM producer, Aryan Knight was able to identify what seemed like a arm patch that tends to indicate members of the New Black Panther party were at the riot, possibly provoking it. The identification was made while the AK and KJ were watching live footage reported by Megan D Shaw of WEWS-TV. The footage included a visibly pro-black flag that from another country. Also what struck AK and KJ was the indicative dress of red berets and black BDU tops suspiciously worn by several protesters. Interestingly enough, as of Sunday, this observation was generally not reported by the mainstream media, or even by the station providing the initial coverage of the incident. This was reported on a special 'emergency' edition of NSM Weekend ( ).

It is possible that Cleveland may be too embarrassed that a visible cadre of its black residents were likely duped by an influx of radical outsiders. That is, IF the tentative identification of New Black Panther Party members is proved correct. At any rate, there is no doubt that the town and its media is embarrassed by the almost-stereotypical actions of Cleveland's more 'socially-active' black residents. And because this story may not see much of the light of day, NSM Media is providing links to Megan Shaw's Twitter-based reports in support of her story, and in the interest of honesty and truthfulness in media reporting (especially when it comes to the potential cause of pro-white interests):
Aryan Knight
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A truely Rare gift you have. The gift of natural Beauty Cherish it use it allow it to make you into what you deserve to be. A GODDESS. Allow none to taint your Beauty with there mortal hands and desires unless they are willing to sacrafice there very soul to worship you for what you are. A Beautiful Aryan Goddess.
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