Toledo Riots Were Unjustified
Posted February 1, 2015 by Kevin_James
On October 15, 2005, the National Socialist Movement daringly marched into a Toledo, Ohio. The idea was to protest African-American gang activity in the ghettofied North end of the town. The event had been researched weeks before by the organization. The curious sequence events continues, with much of the verbiage from Wikipedia ( ).

Rather than listening to their problem being pointed out, area blacks rioted for four hours, and triggered a citywide curfew for the remainder of the weekend. It has been since then pointed out that the Anti-Racist Action (an 'anti-fascist' organization with probably ties to communism) motivated the blacks to assemble for the counter-demonstration. Although public awareness events put on by NSM can be as motivational to each side listening as they are colorful spectacles, there was an pre-planned, violent undercurrent brewing.

Since then, it has been reported that he Toledo chapter of the International Socialist Organization, anarchist organizations in the area, and even radical Anti-Racist Action groups from other cities coordinated in the planning of a massive protest aimed at forcing the NSM rally to be canceled. Instead of attending the event with the possibility of engaging in dialogue, the obvious goal was to abridge the national socialists' rights to freedom of speech.

Police were forced to cancel the rally, after it was determined that situation between police and community members escalated. And instead of bowing to the police's gracious turn, the protesters directed aggression against the police in response to their perceptions of past acts of what they saw as random arrests and police brutality. Over 600 community members and the Toledo police force were engaged, and members of the NSM and its supporters were escorted out by police. But even this did not stop the community from its insane, self-directed damaging behaviors.

Eleven police personnel suffered injury, and one paramedic suffered a concussion after a brick smashed through the side window of her vehicle, hitting her in the head. Police, media, and emergency first-responders were targeted, as were stores, a gas station, and a favorite local bar. The bar was targeting for being broken into and set-ablaze, as it was believed to be a regular hangout for police and politicians. Police arrested more than 120 rioters, most of whom were residents of the North end. According to the mayor, Jack Ford, a number of protesters were wearing gang colors.

The NSM was later granted permission to rally at the Government Center in downtown Toledo on December 10, 2005. The stated purpose of the rally was to protest how the city dealt with the previous planned march. The Ohio State Highway Patrol was responsible for security at the Center.

Approximately 45 people participated in the one-hour rally, separated from 170 observers and counter-protesters by approximately 700 law-enforcement personnel. The assembled police forces - which included local, state, and federal officers - had mounted patrols, armored personnel carriers, and rooftop snipers.

Aggressive policing of the counter-protesters, which included the reported use of police Tasers, resulted in a total of 29 arrests. Unfortunately, three of those arrested were photojournalists covering the event. People entering the rally zone, including members of the media, were subject to searches, and police engaged in videotaping all persons near the rally site for what was termed as "intelligence gathering for future investigations." The majority of arrests occurred in the police controlled observation area; however, several people were arrested near public libraries for violating a court order banning unauthorized protests. None of the national socialist participants in the NSM rally were arrested. A local tattoo parlor that had allegedly been used as a base of operations for the NSM rally was vandalized later that night. The front window was smashed out with a rock marked with the anarchist circle "A" symbol. The owner of the parlor blamed the attack on a group called, The A Project.

What are the 'takeaways' from these events?

Well, at that time and in that location, blacks were infiltrated and co-opted by anarchists and communists. While the event could have been better-planned to varying degrees by both sides, nearly a decade of successful public protest events has been enacted peacefully by the National Socialist Movement. In the meantime, local, state, and federal governments are being more proactive to combat potential usurpations of communities by outside influences with less-stellar records of law enforcement cooperation.

And if anyone does not believe me, start looking at some of the links below before they are taken down. No, it is not as one women from Toledo said at the time. Blacks of Toledo (and around the world) do not need anarchists or communists telling them how to view social discussions and events in their cities and towns!

I wonder if anything has changed since then in Toledo?
Special NSM Weeknd
Posted January 31, 2015 by Kevin_James
In this episode of NSM Weekend, Aryan Knight does a remote broadcast from an 'anti' rally in Florida while he is on his way to delivery his campaign signatures. Who knows WHAT'S going to happen!

Show Links:

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We are The National Socialist Movement UK Unit. Join us in Activism at The City of
Bath, near The City of Bristol, South West England. Saturday 21st February 2015.
We shall commence at 12 noon approx prompt.

For further details email: or via my newsaxon profile or see
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Nord Johnstone1488
The picture in this article really tells the whole story. Its not just that this white woman has 8 kids and lives off the teat of the taxpayer. Its that she has 8, count 'em EIGHT, half-breed children that she expects to be subsidized. Miscegenation should automatically disqualify one from benefits. Completely disgusting.


The South Will Rise Again.
The Advanced White Society
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Every state has their own website to inform people of the issues concerning our race and other issues in the state. Just click on you state from our contact page, the links on the left of each state page are for that state. Look around your state and make the commitment to do something positive about it! Join or support The Advanced White Society.
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