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Posted January 26, 2015 by Kevin_James
Thousands join German anti-Islam rally 634.html

Is comedy against Muslims a crime in France?

Economy so bad in Russia, Putin advises his country to go without


Sure, they've got enough rubles for all the illegal alien gypsies traipsing across their borders and into their land...
Harry Hughes and Chris Drake are featured as part of a report and video from The Guardian (UK). On the op they conducted last month, lots of attention was focused of the dead and deportees. Of course, this regrettably comes as no surprise. Check out the complete report here:

Migrants, Minutemen and dead bodies on the Mexico-Arizona border – video
There is something about the psyche of a serial killer that has always intrigued me. What is it that makes one desire to take the life of another human being? Is it truly evil? Is it a psychological problem? Is it a flaw in the chemical balances in the brain? One thing for sure, it is beyond the normality to commit murder over and over, and there is a darkness about it that even the innocent fear could be within them.

Many people will not even read a book about serial killers. There seems to be a fear that by reading about it, we may open up some desire to murder that is hidden deep within us. If you tell someone you have a book on Serial Killers, they will often look at you askew, as if wondering what darkness you are hiding. But there is something about Serial Killers that intrigues most of us, even if we will not admit to it. That is why so many will watch horror movies and read books about murders. It's almost as if reading about fictional killings is okay, but true Serial Killers is not.
Harry L Hughes
Our Time With Guardian UK
Posted January 25, 2015 by Harry L Hughes in Society
One of my friends, within Minuteman circles, referred Guardian UK to our border operations we conduct inside the Sonoran Desert National Monument in southern Arizona. Although this piece focuses much of their time of the casualties and deportees relating to unlawful border crossing, I did manage to get a few of my most relevant points made clear.

Migrants, Minutemen and dead bodies on the Mexico-Arizona border – video
Although its just an irreverently insightful voice of pro-white internet radio, NSM Weekend was spot-on with the eventualities of history.

A Holder-driven Department of Justice recently agreed with a previous grand jury finding that Darren Wilson was NOT guilty of civil rights crimes.

The investigation was triggered by largely black public outcrys regarding the the death of Michael Brown. In fact, many outlets of NSM Media were saying the same thing that many were afraid to say. Only, NSM Weekend had the guts to do breach the matter with insightfully ironic joking:

Now, a conservative BLACK sheriff AGAIN joins the chorus of rationality:

And, the the every-liberal Huffington Post provided coverage on the chastisement of Ferguson protesters by sociopolitical media pundit Bill O'Reilly:

Naturally, NSM Weekend does NOT want to condemn the anyone for being concerned about the possibility that 'justice' was served in a less-than-civil way.

However, it wasn't.

So, isn't it time for people of ALL RACES to come together to warn our wayward youth against the perils of pointlessly (and too-often-regrettably-and-TRAGICALLY) confronting our police?

The death of even one Michael Brown diminishes all human beings – until we know the depths of the results.

Finding out that his thuggery – and the protests related to it – was so pointlessly unnecessary diminishes not just the blacks or the liberal apologists, but all of us as well, too.
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