NSM Texas Rally Info and Videos
Posted August 26, 2014 by Kevin_James
Take a stand with NSM Texas & Patriots from around the Nation. Rally against illegal immigration, and in defense of the American way of life. Speakers will include: Commander Jeff Schoep, Capt. Harry Hughes, Capt. Brian Culpepper, and many more to be announced. All known Patriots and respected allied Organizations are welcome to participate. Those who would like to attend contact: M. Sgt. Smith Region 7 Director at: A
migrant workers sue MI company
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Posted August 25, 2014 by Kevin_James
...on Aryan Knight being promoted to Field Producer for NSM Media, and for being being the Propagandameister of NSM Weekend!
NSM Wolrdtalk - August 28th
Posted August 25, 2014 by Kevin_James
In this week’s show, we will examine the media in America today, and show (using solid documentation) that it is anything but unbiased in its approach to presenting news stories. We all have witnessed the efforts of the spin doctors to shape public opinion by presenting slanted if not outright distortions of the truth to promote the administration’s agenda.

Worldtalk host Brian Culpepper will tackle the question of who is behind the apparent control of the mass media. Who are the owners and publishers, and what is their connection to high-level government leaders? What is the importance and impact of the internet and independent media in today’s society, and what can we do to hold those responsible for biased reporting accountable?

As the debate over free speech continues, one would ask if the time has come to limit, if not outright censor, certain subject material and opinion pieces? Freedom of the press has been the cornerstone of our free society. But, it has been hijacked by the globalists and those who seek to destroy our people!

Tune in and show your support by calling (724) 444-7444 (Call ID: 128859)
on Thursday, August 28th – 6pm PDT / 7pm MDT / 8pm CDT / 9pm EDT!

Just click on the red promo box on NSM88.ORG, or go to:
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