Engagement marketing refers to engaging the audience with your product or service. A multitude of ways can be devised to increase your brand engagement. However, for a wider recognition, it is crucial to integrate all the possible means of options that can help in relaying the brand information in a fast and effective manner. Online Engagement is currently considered the best way to create quick awareness. To bring that into your product, you have to align your marketing framework with the Social Media.

Here are 5 steps that you can follow to create a better engagement of your brand using experiential marketing and social media:

• Providing the accurate brand information – Make sure that you are providing the accurate and necessary information to the marketing company. The campaign needs to provide the correct information and unless you haven’t done that, the promotional campaign won’t do that either.

• Be consistent with your approach – Sharing the same information on different media is highly important. Anything less or more might create disbelief among your consumers and that is not advisable.

• Integrating social media – In order to increase your reach of engagement with the customers, you can use the online social media. Nothing is more effective than this medium and if carried out properly will give the best return of your investment.

• Hold campaigns on a regular basis – The basic idea is to keep your target market aware of the fact that you are still on. Keep holding marketing campaigns and make your consumers engaged with the product.

• Always get feedbacks – The only way to improve is by knowing what the views and the response of the audience are towards your products. That is impossible unless the promotional staff collects feedback from them.

Find the best experiential agency and it will help you a lot in creating a better engagement between your brand and the market.
Obama's Lawless America
Posted December 18, 2014 by Kevin_James
According to Charles Hurt in the Washington Times, “Just when President Obama thought it was safe to show his face in an American courtroom again,” Federal District Judge Arthur Schwab who found the President's immigration action to be unconstitutional “deliver<s> one of the greatest legal beatdowns ever suffered by a sitting president.”

The astute writer observes that “the Supreme Court has ruled against Mr. Obama some 13 times. And that’s just counting the instances where the Supreme Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY that Mr. Obama had overstepped his authority, misread the law, misunderstood basic constitutional concepts or was otherwise out of order.” Hurt also questions Obama scathingly:

“And this guy went to Harvard Law School? Harvard should strip him of his degree. Or maybe recall him for further remedial instruction on how the whole constitution works.”


Hurt further lambastes Obama by accusing him of having “taken the presidency and made a mockery of this nation’s cherished system of checks and balances.” He also writes scathingly, “You have taken this nation of laws and turned it into a nation of political whims.”

Double wow. Apparently, the writer of this piece has a problem with “millions of illegal aliens” to be made legitamate voters to further the Democratic Party in the U.S. THAT seems to be one of Obama's 'whims.' But,. Back to Charles Hurt's analysis. “'President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution...and therefore is unconstitutional,' Judge Schwab declared in his Memorandum Opinion.”

Hurt concludes remark that “No new or special rights were granted to the illegal aliens Mr. Obama now says are free to stay in the USA. No, his lawyers argued, those granted amnesty could still be deported 'at any time'...yet another example of the president tricking people with promises he fully knows cannot be kept. Come out of the shadows, he told them. You will be safe. Trust me. Welcome to the new America, hombres!”

NSM Media has dutifully reported from practically every rally our command staff pubically remarking on the American President's seeming duplicity in matters of state, especially that of immigration. Now comes a bold analysis from the mainstream media. We aren't going to say that 'NSM told you so,' but we DID. Triple wow.

Read the well-written article in its entirety (and without editorial enhancement) here:
TOO Extreme in TWO Ways
Posted December 15, 2014 by Kevin_James
This is incredible news for such a tragedy. Thank you to all who signed this! I'm so happy that 322,936 people where able to come together in support of the Christian and Newsom famlies. Just think of that many random strangers came together what other things could be changed with written and spoken words! I was so anxious to hear the outcome of this, before they even had anything in I called the Parole Board to hear what the verdict was, I was told they where still in trial, and when I first saw that she was Denied I was so happy to hear that especially for the familes and for the memory of Channon and Chris! Bless everyone that signed this. In fact I copied this off the update I got on the petition

Dan Frye · Follow · Knoxville, Tennessee
Thank you so much Chris Nippard. It's very gratifying to have been a part of the most successful parole campaign in Tennessee history. The parole board received over 51,000 comments and 2,175 people took time to write individual letters of protests in addition to the 322,936 petition signers. It does restore hope that there are far more good people in the world than bad. It's just the bad that get the press. ~jlh~

Dec 11, 2014 — Many thanks to everyone who signed the Petition to Deny Parole to Vanessa Coleman.
After a lengthy hearing the Tennessee Parole Board voted unanimously to deny parole to Vanessa Coleman, Offender #473393. They also disallowed her from any further hearings until December 2020!
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