Opposition to April 18 white supremacist rally growing

by Hubert Wiggins

Posted: 47 mins ago

TOLEDO -- Leaders of the National Socialist Movement say they will hold a public rally in Toledo on April 18th at 3:30 p.m. The group's first rally in Toledo in October 2005 was followed by four hours of rioting and the imposition of an 8pm curfew for two days. The organization made reference to the riots in its press relases announcing their intended return to Toledo. "The rioting made international news due to the violence and destruction that was caused. Anyone wishing to read up on the incident can Google NSM Toledo riots, or simply "Toledo Riots", or check Google images for countless pictures of these 2005 riots."

The National Socialist Movement condemned the rioting, blaming it on "black residents wo were used as pawns by anarchists and communists forces". North Toledo resident Domonic Forille does not want the group to come to Toledo. "I don't think it's good for the city of Toledo, hopefully they won't let them in, deny their permit," Mr. Forille said.

Stacy Weber, the public information officer for the city of Toledo says Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson will not initiate any legal action to prevent the group from holding its rally.
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