(7 January 2012)

National Socialism is the conscious application of natural laws and order to mankind – which implies a consciousness of Nature itself. Thus, National Socialism is Nature Consciousness. Such consciousness is to be eternally increased through all necessary natural possibilities.

The purpose of National Socialism is to reawaken Aryankind to the universal reality of Nature, and through such awareness to improve the race through all possibilities made available to us by Nature. National Socialism is the improvement and advancement – the intensification – of the race: physically, psychologically, spiritually, and in character: to make the Aryan people healthier, stronger, more beautiful, nobler, and more conscious.

Through higher consciousness and advanced health and strength, the Aryan race can achieve its highest potential of spiritual and creative freedom, as well as scientific exploration and discovery – all in the service of elevating the quality of life for the Aryan peoples and their homelands.
James Maciokas
Heils Brothers and Sisters ,
My Name is Jim Maciokas . I am introducing myself to the forum and to the body of the NSM. I along with my Brother Keith M. are in the Process of starting the ball rolling in our neck of the woods Keith and I have been involved in several clubs over the past 2 decades. We recently joined the NSM and are planning member drives as well as flier runs. (I ran the printer out of ink three times) I have been familiarizing myself with the 25 points as well as all other NSM literature to be well versed when dealing with adversaries. Any positive feedback or tactics that can be used to help us out would be greatly appreciated . I am a proud member of the NSM and will do my part to get OUR message out . I am sure some of you have already been in Our shoes and have learned some good useful tactics to deal with lowlifes we will encounter on the way . Once Again Heils To the NSM Organization Memers and Our Supporters 14/88 WerWolfJim_14_88
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I hope you all read this, since its really interesting, and its not an article written by anyone, its a scientific one, but never the less, its so funny! hahaha hope you all read it, and share it!!
O.K.,If we are not hiding underground somewhere we have heard of the shootings in Kansas. Which I might add, I would love an underground bunker complex; but that is another blog. Of course the controlled biased media machine has jumped on this like stink on stink. They are labeling this a hate crime and screaming at the top of their lungs about how he was in this group and started that group blah, blah, blah. I do not condone what he did in any way, but why is his past being thrown up in the media? There are "blacks" shooting Whites everyday ALL OVER the U.S., should not those be charged as hate crimes as well? I think so!!! I believe we should all realize what this is, the beginning of another witch hunt. This gives the corrupt U.S. government the fuel that they need to target whatever group that they want to persecute and harass. Freedom of speech is going out the window here, and has been going, going gone for a long time now. Since we are not "minorities" (do not get me started on that here) we will be treated like criminals, because we are White. Those who were shot were not even Jewish, and they are going to still label it a hate crime? Brace yourselves Brothers and Sisters, they are going to target groups that they do not like, guns that they do not like (ALL) and people that they do not like (White). This is just another way for the corrupt government to pass new "laws", arrest people with no reason and unleash the controlled brainwashing media upon the populace. So be ready, here goes another attack on OUR freedoms of speech, free (true) thinking and gun rights.
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Gays Justifiably Hate Being Gay
Posted April 15, 2014 by Kevin_James
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