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Posted October 1, 2014 by jason kotsenburg311
Hunting,music,fighting for my white heritage and race.Studying about my German heritage.Plus fighting to bring back power and white rights back in white America our America.My idol is Hitler!!88
Blacks 'Acting White'
Posted October 1, 2014 by Kevin_James
NSM Media producer, Harry Hughes, first broke the story for us that the dreaded Ebola story is confirmed to be now in America:

In fact, Hughes noted (as has NSM Media) that President Obama's show of 'respect' for what is essentially race-based lack of epidemiological care may partially be to blame. Pundits have suggested that because Obama is himself a black man, he has not condemned what we could consider the unorthodox social practices that have actually contributed to the spread of the disease.

It has been reported that many Africans in the countries in which Ebola is a threat actually espouse the almost lackadaisical practice of hugging and/or kissing the Ebola victims during their funerals. President Obama's 'compassion' has not gone unnoticed. But, it had to take the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (apparently WITHOUT much of any visible 'motivation' by President Obama) to help contain the disease ( ).

Fortunately, there is a 21 day safety window before symptoms are manifested outwardly. Accordingly, it's medically reasonable to expect that an Ebola outbreak will NOT spread in the United States. Ironically, the disease can easily be contained in a 'civilized' country. In fact, wouldn't that medically-trained FBI staff are breaking into the lives of those who came into possible contact with 'U.S. patient zero,' and putting them into discreet, federally funded isolation wards.

I'd say that the work that is going into the process is yet another indices of the philosophical ineptitude of the Obama Administration. And as of late, 'Obamacare' is now likely to be be struck down by judicial process:

Will this stop the Texas Rally?

Hell no! We would have plenty of notice well in advance of any necessary action.

But such bunglings DOES give us yet ANOTHER TANGIBLE ISSUE to protest against – like WATER HAVING TO BE RATIONED IN CALIFORNIA (likely more than just somewhat due to the influx of illegal aliens):


Aren't we glad that Obama is able to deliver such 'CHANGES' as indicated during his election campaign.

Realistically, I don't think ANYONE in America is pleased to any significant degree with our President and his cronies. Oh, and meanwhile, did you hear about the eight people arrested in Ferguson, Missouri as of late?

So glad that the 'activist,' former Attorney General Eric Holder was able to peaceably end THAT...
The 'Due-Factor' at New Saxon
Posted September 30, 2014 by Kevin_James
I just wanted to remind everyone reading this that NSM and its internet communications channels largely follow the general policies of the National Socialist Movement. AKA, you are again being fair warned that any post or picture advocating, recommending, or even just hinting at violence against any other identifiable group may be deleted at the sole discretion of the moderators of News Saxon/NSM World/NSM Forum and/or NSM command staff. Additionally, NSM Media has made it a policy to vigorously pursue and gladly assists in all related discussions and administrative actions.

As Commander Schoep has said, "Do not say (or post) anything you would not in a police station or a church."

Lest anyone jump to the conclusion that we do not support freedom of speech, just think how stupid the communists and anarchists look to the outside world when THEY go publicly overboard.

The Advanced White Society had our last meet and greet bbq for this year.

I want to thank everyone that helped set everything up and those that came out to make this a great event!

Those that showed up early Saturday morning where treated to home cooked all organic breakfast. We have our own chickens here on the property.
We bbq several times during the day afterwards.
Lunch was hotdogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob along with several types of homemade salads and other good snacks.
Later on for dinner we had steaks, burgers, hotdogs and salads.
Sunday morning breakfast was cooked again for those that camped out over- night, steaks and other goodies.

I would like to thank
COS Josh and his wife for bringing the cupcakes and the corn on the cob.
My fiancé for bringing the delicious steaks, pasta salad and the snacks.
We had a guest that brought the Philly pretzels and some steaks.
The AWS organization provided the burgers and hot dogs.
Our members also purchased our own portable toilet so we no longer have to rent ones that were not always in the cleanest shape and no longer have an extra $125.00 rental fee.

I wanted to do something a little special for our membership. For the most part this cause we struggle in is one of the most thankless causes I have ever been involved in.

My fiancé and I decide to use our merchandise equipment and create nice 26.5 glass steins for the leadership and our membership that showed up. These all had the AWS logo on one side, the name of the organization on the other side with their name, position in our organization along with their join dates chemically etched into them.
All of our members went home with homemade organic canned tomato sauce that I make along with the organic eggs.

I wish I could do much more for our dedicated membership, these members do so much for our organization and our cause and as stated before are rarely thanked for what they do. They work on items for the AWS all the time, they put themselves out into the public fighting for what we believe in. They put aside their own personal time and effort to do so much and I can never thank these people enough.

I also want to make sure those that showed up and are not members were thanked. Thanks to everyone that either brought food, donated to the expense of the event or those that purchased items from our merchandise stock.

It was a great weekend seeing those that we know, meeting new people. Enjoyed good conversations, food, music and some went swimming. Finished off the night with a bonfire.

Jason Hiecke
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