Truman Lamberson
Never give up
Posted September 3, 2014 by Truman Lamberson
Through these last couple years I have landed some great positions that had real potential, though certain things had risen that made me part from these advances. I live in a small historical town, its actually considered Americas hometown. Now jobs are really scarce though sometimes great opportunities are sought and welcomed. Even in this town a life of much expectation could be lived. Recently landed a job through a temp agency that ended today, the assignment lasted close to 3 weeks. This open my eyes to focus on finding the job I am pleased goi ng to, one that is steady pays the bills and keeps a smile on my face. I like to work even if it is not a fair wage. sitting on the couch and having someone support me when I am able to work is not a way I like to live my life. so now with the time to spare and a few other possible side jobs I will be able to pursue the job I love to wakre up to every day. Everyone deserve to have the job they like to go to, and I am workingtoward finding that job. I will never give up.
Five people are suing the Missouri police for $40 million, claiming officers treated US citizens “as if they were war combatants.” The five were arrested in the wake of rioting and unrest following the death of teenager Michael Brown on August 9.

The group claims they were going about their everyday business before they were assaulted and arrested by the police who showed, “militaristic displays of force and weaponry.” The defendants in the case are the city of Ferguson, St. Louis County, Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Delmar, Ferguson police officer Justin Cosmo, as well as other police officers from Ferguson and St. Louis County, Reuters reports.

The alleged incidents took place between August 11 and 13. One of the plaintiffs includes a 17-year-old who was arrested and allegedly ‘roughed up’ by police at a McDonald’s restaurant along with his mother, Tracey White, for simply not leaving the fast food chain quickly enough. According to the suit which has been filed, officers with rifles threw the mother to the ground before handcuffing her and her son.

White claims she was arrested because she would “not shut up.” She and her son were detained for five hours by police, she says, adding “It was so horrifying” and “we did nothing wrong,” according to AP.
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NSM Texas Rally Info and Videos
Posted August 26, 2014 by Kevin_James
Take a stand with NSM Texas & Patriots from around the Nation. Rally against illegal immigration, and in defense of the American way of life. Speakers will include: Commander Jeff Schoep, Capt. Harry Hughes, Capt. Brian Culpepper, and many more to be announced. All known Patriots and respected allied Organizations are welcome to participate. Those who would like to attend contact: M. Sgt. Smith Region 7 Director at: A
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