Aryan Knight
Posted May 28, 2015 by Aryan Knight in Spirituality
We Battle our selves looking for lost loves pass. They enter our dreams and exit our eyes. We try to hold them lock them to us with a hasp. They lead us on with fleeting lies.

The hurt they leave behind shape and scar our lives. It hurts from within but no tears shall fall. The blind pass the Beautiful headed to there many wives. It is hard not to cry and feel very small.

Render your heart keep it safe in a place that knows no pain or loss, For one day a Knight shall rise and Honor you for what you are,

timothy maurice morgan
Aryan Knight
Posted May 27, 2015 by Aryan Knight in Spirituality
My Dear Lady, Oh how the heart yearns to be free of a weight put on by centuries of burden. It screams with its thunderous beats as I walk amongst those I hurt most. Deep within the bowels of the Universe it cries. No one hears the tune it weeps onto deaf ears. It walks through the Shadows of the Moon wanting what it can no longer grasp. The smallest things it misses most are smiles from the lips of those it created. Yet it bleeds but two tears one for each that where torn from its grasp. What day shall it sleep and allow me to pass on into the place I belong. For this time is gone and rebirth is all I have to cherish each morn when I lay to sleep wondering if Fate will visit me before I wake. Yet here I am once again knowing my deeds are yet to be done. So I walk the earth alone searching for those in need. Reach out give me guidance help me find that last soul I shall save so I to may take my rest.
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