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Russia's Gorbachev, addressed Germany on the date of the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. He went on to say that the world could be facing another cold war and that it may in fact have already begun. Germany should not be subjected to NATO sanctions or take any official position in this conflict. Deutschland must not get dragged into another war that the world simply uses German minds to harvest technologies that shape the face of mankind and leave Germany in the dust. If it were not for Germany there would be no computers, no nuclear missiles, no rocket fuel, no space program, and the list goes on. Germany has a great destiny as the children of Atlantis to rise up once more and secure their Right to power on the Global stage. Seig Heil
I have jokingly chided my younger friends in New Saxon for their platform being a bit...well, too 'hip.'

And, they have justifiably challenged me to write at multiple levels so I can be better understood wherever I write.

Challenge accepted.

But, there are a few VERBAL habits of the younger generations that irk the daylights out of me. And, with a few select excerpts from an article written on MULTIPLE LEVELS (, I would like to 'represent' my ideas:

“ one -- truly no one -- prefers to hear someone end every statement on an "up" note. This upspeak habit makes statements sound like questions. Maybe it's because we are confused by the intent or because it reminds us of those trying years when toddlers ask 'why?' continually, but falsely adding a question mark to every sentence is grating.” It also makes you sound like a Canadian.

“...excessive use of place holders -- especially 'like' and 'you know, right?' -- in everyday speech can be a clear sign of inexperience.” I had a speech teacher in high school who broke everyone in the class of using the habit of saying, “You know...” very dramatically. He acted as those he was the original speaker and the reactant in a conversation. The first 'person' said, “You know,” and the second 'person' said belligerently, “NO, I DON'T know.” We got the idea.

“Extreme punctuation” is the hallmark of a naive and/or poor writer. I trust that President Obama's speechwriters do not include triple exclamation points in the text of even his speeches!!!

Using emoticons in emails or written business communication –-not good-- ;>(

Long emails. I'm guilty of this, but hey, sometimes I HAVE to justify and explain to NSM command-staff why myself or my fellow NSM Media staffers made some technical or aesthetic judgment. However, in the business world, 'less' often has the perceived impact of being 'more.'
CNN Allows Anti-white 'Spin'
Posted November 21, 2014 by Kevin_James
I have to give CNN that they give broad coverage to many sides of various issues. However, a recent online column by political commentator, Sally Kohn, should raise a few eyebrows. According to the title of the article, she is purporting to analyze the difference in perception between “When white people riot,” and the Ferguson riots.

In her article, Kohn chastises society and the media (to which she is invariably part of) for the disparity in perception and coverage. According to Kohn, when white people engage in a spontaneous “riot” when their college team loses, or when a pumpkin festival in Northeastern America is fueled by drunk white teens-gone-momentarily-bad, the events are portrayed with less voracity than the events of Ferguson. However, there is one problem.

For while an sporting event or festival gone-wrong is one thing, the Ferguson riots burst into the public consciousness. Yes, we may be 'guilty' of remembering the riots of the 1960's in America which were fueled by many cases by blacks and communists. But by comparison, longitudinally over the years, how many acts of public aggression have been instigated by mainstream whites?

I venture, not as many.

By far.

Additionally, there is another element of the Ferguson riots that Kohn did not discuss. For example, think back any social or politically-based incident in which whites disagreed with the country's power-structure. Aside from the Boston Tea Party of pre-1776, how many events come to mind of whites NOT talking out the issues, but instead engaging in sustained occupational protests and violence, aka Ferguson?!

I venture, not many.

At all.

Can you imagine Congressman John Bohrer running down to the Capitol Mall and leading the charge in a public event against President Obama's immigration 'executive order?' No! He's getting ready to SUE Obama. That's what rational people of ANY COLOR do – use prevailing legal means to center the discussion on justice.

Of course, a signatory event or two is fine to bring awareness of an issue. Just ask the National Socialist Movement about 'rallies.' But, sustained negative events move the discourse away from the issue at hand and instead moves the public mind towards the actions of Occupy and Anonymous.

Perhaps the people of Ferguson need to become aware of how they are being seen in-totality, rather then through their own rose-colored glasses.
Ty He
rndon and Billy Gilman have come out as being gay.

While people in general are pleased (to varying degrees) that Ty and Billy have come to accept of themselves as non-traditionally-sexed persons, some of us are likely to have more than a little trouble with the concept.

As Gilman said in his video, the Nashville music industry does not take well to homosexual singers. As Herndon has probably already found out, the premise of a gay singer is against the overt grain of country music, and therefore, very hard to market. Perhaps this explains Ty's 2007 song, "If I Could Have Her Love Back."

As for national socialists, I think it would be more than fairly safe to say that most of us have perhaps even greater difficulty accepting such basic human premises. It's not that we 'hate' YOU, but rather we cannot intellectually grasp or emotionally embrace the concept same-sex physical attraction and such intertwined love-based companionship.

Most of you wish you the best of luck in your careers, but you may or may not be loosing more than a few fans.

Worst of all, I feel a degree of bitter-sweet endings, almost as bad as the sadness I felt when a little country-singing boy belted out Oklahoma ( ).
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The UK NSM Unit plan a united meeting.All pro white organisations are invited to attend - we welcome genuine pro white supporters.The venue and date is as follows:The City of Bristol - Saturday 17th January 2015 - Commencing at 12 noon approx.

For further details please contact me via my profile here at new saxon.
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