Levis Wants to Make Guys Jeans Gay
Posted December 22, 2014 by Kevin_James
Back in the day, Levis jeans fit just right. Nice and tight to show off your bum to the girls. Now, the jeans --- skinny fit, as well as regular fit -- seem to be developed to do a colossal sag with the rear pockets 'breaking' lamely over half us guys' butts.

No wonder the women don't look at me much more.

Looks like a bloody bunch of antifa!

Stop your smirking.

AZ Sheriff Fights Obama AGAIN!!!
Posted December 22, 2014 by Kevin_James
U.S. Army Stealth Motorcycle
Posted December 22, 2014 by Kevin_James
Soldier of the Cross
Here are the basic reasons I believe National Socialism is the answer:

1 - it is simple, pure, and unites us

2 - it has real meaning and gives purpose for our lives

3 - it places the highest value on our race and on our Nation

4 - it gives us our identity, it brings us together, and gives us a vision

5 - it is all about our people, the good of our people and our Nation, and is not about ME

6 - our good is dependent on our common good and our National good -- so when I devote myself to my people and Nation -- then MY good is guaranteed automatically

7 - it eliminates arguments, conflict, and contention. When true National Socialists are together there is unity and dedication and commitment and divisiveness disappears

8 - it encourages, nurtures, and supports racially pure couples and families. Whenever we see a pure White couple together with their children we should praise them and uplift them because they are doing what is right

9 - it is clean, moral, and ethical. National Socialists are on the high road and are choosing to do what is right and are making good decisions. They are following the true path -- with their torches held high

10 - National Socialist men and women respect one another and they treat each other with dignity and reverence. We don't use and/or abuse each other -- we are a team working together for the good of our people and for each other -- and our children

11 - we believe in the natural laws that our Creator and Providence have given us and we abide by them; including respect for the Earth and all living things

12 - we are regenerate and not degenerate; our goal is to become the best we can be and we reject everything that is meant to tear us down and destroy us

13 - we don't compromise with evil and we don't pretend that things that are evil are actually good and vice versa

14 - we believe these things and are willing to fight and even die for our race and our Nation

15 - our daily goal is to live each day in a way that will bring honor on our race, our National Socialist comrades, and on ourselves
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