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This is the future of the white race with intermixing of the gene pool @:

Link to Another Article on Race Mixed Twins w/Pictures @:

And this is what impressionable young minds are seeing in 2015 at the movies @:

I swear Arianna Huffington must read our stuff.

Because, just when we chide her for publishing a more than merely liberal news journal, Arianna blows our minds.

In fact, now, the Huffington Post is featuring Jon McNaughton, “a conservative artist with a penchant for creating politically charged paintings, <who> has just released his most controversial painting yet.

It's a picture of President Barack Obama playing a round of golf.

But not just any round of golf...

In the background is an atomic explosion going on.

Get the idea? Kind of like the old story of Emperor Nero who supposedly fiddled while Rome burned. Now, read the story...

...and view the interestingly shocking report:
A Boldly Encouraging Message
Posted March 2, 2015 by Kevin_James
This is the beginning of one of the greatest times in the history of western civilization. And we are are to witness it for ourselves.

The hypocrisy of so-called 'leaders' extorting from their own 'flocks,' and yet paradoxically deny them the prosperity enjoyed by non-minority companies...hoping that the perverse irony of this disparity will go unnoticed. They KNOW who they are.

The boldness of a vagabond peoples who are more questionably a 'religion,' and even more questionably a 'people.' Oh, how they intertwine themselves with the white masses as though their continued meddling cannot be spoken against. They KNOW who they are.

The politicians who are more interested in their hair or perceived military stance than they are rationally afraid of the devastating consequences of modern-day war! And the politicians who aspire to give away their, nay OUR countries to invading hoards. As has been said, “They would rather sell you down the river...<or even>...sell their souls” for the transitory reward of votes. They KNOW who they are.

And those with 'social habits' beyond nature's norm. When the predominant intimate practices of one group of people brings dangers to themselves (yet the continue), is there any overt and lasting sensibility in their acts which they try to portray? They KNOW who they are.

Hypocrites...hypocrites...hypocrites are they all. And yet, THEY call US the 'bad guys.'

They also call us 'neo-nazis,' when in fact the only significant lasting tie to that time are the positive philosophies that came out of it and can lastingly transcend the ages.

We call many of them as they ARE – communists, anarchists, constitutional traitors and multicultural fools! Their philosophies and movements will not last, and are being unveiled as they REALLY are. The forbidden fruit of insanity being is readily consumed by a generation or two that has more akin with insane pleasure-seekers going down a sadly nihilistic path towards inner and outer destruction of the self.

The inconsistencies of the leaders in relation to their flocks is being show as the curtain is being pulled back to reveal those behind the man, the myths, and the so-called magic.

We are beginning to SEE our politicians for what most of them seem to be. We are beginning to stop their reigns of tyranny by using their own laws and procedures against them with due process and in just the nick of due time. We are no longer the voices in the desert proclaiming what we see and hear – much of which is wrong, while far too little seems to remain right. We are allowing what is in reality the 'fringe elements' of society tear themselves and their movements apart unmercifully, often by their own devices. All the while, their follies become that more more clear, and their failings ever more pathetically transparent.

Yes, these are only my thoughts, but they just might be yours, too. Indeed, this IS the beginning of one of the greatest times in the history of western civilization. And we are are to witness it for ourselves!
Obama...a 'DICTATOR?!'
Posted March 2, 2015 by Kevin_James
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