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Here's a great site to keep up to date on the latest nonexsistant black-on-white hate crimes. Check out the one up top where the niigers call stalking white people "Polar Bear Hunting". (From American Renaissance)

Minority-on-White Crime

Attacks on the Rise; Similar Beatings Reported in 2008, October 4, 2010, News-Gazette (Champaign, Illinois)
     “Random” attacks all feature white victims, black attackers.

Former TV Weatherman Victim of Unprovoked Attack, September 30, 2010, News-Gazette (Champaign, Illinois)
     Beating whites is called “polar bear hunting.”

Wife of Slain Rancher Robert Krenz Hit by Car, September 28, 2010, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
     And guess who was driving drunk?

2 Charged With Hate Crime in Assault on Teen; 1 Arrested, September 22, 2010, Seattle Times
     Police finally charge non-whites who attacked white teenager in May.

Suspected Murderer Indicates 'Hatred' for White Race, Law Enforcement, September 13, 2010, Edgefield Daily (Edgefield, South Carolina)
     “No official press release from area law enforcement mentions the racial overtones.”

Three Teens Arrested in Downtown Beating Death, September 10, 2010, News & Advance (Lynchburg, Virginia)
     Young black wanted to shows girls he was tough.

Arizona Mom Hit With Acid Days After Similar Attack on Woman in Washington, September 6, 2010, Fox News
     This time the perp is Hispanic. (Poster's note: Washington victim was self-inflicted)

Victim, Her Family Shocked by Attack, September 1, 2010, The Columbian (Vancouver, Washington)
     Black assailant in acid attack: “Hey, pretty girl. Would you like a drink of this?” (self-inflicted)

Des Moines Police Say They Can't Confirm Race Was Factor in Fights Near Fairgrounds, August 27, 2010, Des Moines Register
     “Beat whitey night” might not have been racial, after all.

Tea Party Blogger Warns Glenn Beck Rally Visitors to Stay out of Some DC Neighborhoods, August 26, 2010, WTTG-TV (Washington, D.C.)
     DC not really a “peaceful, multiracial city where everybody gets along.”

Black Murders Eight Whites; Media Blames Whites, August 11, 2010, Townhall
     Left expects less of blacks morally.

Possibility That Omar Thornton Did Not Act Alone, August 10, 2010, New York Examiner
     Beer distributor’s “racism” makes it an “accomplice” to Connecticut shootings.

Prosecutors Brace for Long Line of Racial Bias Claims, August 10, 2010, WFAE-FM (Charlotte)
     Even white death-row prisoners are claiming racial bias.

Connecticut Gunman Omar Thornton Called 911, Said Wished He Could Have Killed More (Hear 911 Call), August 6, 2010, Washington Examiner
     Didn’t manage to kill enough “racists.”

Co.: Conn. Shooter Was Selling Beer to 3rd Party, August 6, 2010, Google New
     Shooter didn’t “snap” until he was caught systematically stealing beer and reselling it.

Kristi Hannah, Girlfriend of Omar Thornton, Recalls Gunman's Goodbye, Racism Concerns, August 5, 2010, New York Daily News
     Black killer’s white girlfriend: murders were vengeance against “racists.”

Alleged Shooter: I Killed the Racists, August 4, 2010, WFSB-TV (Hartford)
     Family of mass murderer says years of “blatant racism” made him “snap.”

9 Killed, 2 Wounded in Shooting at Beer Distributor, August 3, 2010, FoxNews
     Black killer claimed he suffered discrimination on the job.

Coleman Gets 53 Years; Judge Rejects Innocent Defense, August 2, 2010, Knoxville News Sentine
     Another Knoxville Horror participant sentenced.

9th Circuit Panel Strikes Down Rape Conviction, Citing Race Bias, August 2, 2010, Sacramento Bee
     Claims prosecutors dismissed black potential jurors improperly.

Mom Was on Phone With Jupiter Man When Robbers Killed Him in Baltimore, July 28, 2010, Palm Beach Post
     Robbers proud they had “hurt a white boy.”

Cops: Teen Punched Man for Listening to Rap Music, July 28, 2010, WFTV-TV (Orlando)
     Black thug: “White people shouldn’t listen to rap music.”

After Dark, Mobs Form, Smash Windows, Loot, July 9, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle
     Mob loots white-owned businesses.

Justice Misses Deadline for New Prison Rape Rules, June 24, 2010, The Hill
     It’s too expensive to protect inmates from rape.

Clemmons' Sister Sentenced to Five Years In Prison, June 18, 2010, Seattle Times
     Sister of killer of four cops in Seattle coffee shop helped getaway driver.

Knoxnews.com Wins Murrow Award for Christian/Newsom Documentary, June 17, 2010, Knoxville News Sentinel
     “Death on Chipman Street: The Channon Christian and Chris Newsom Murders” available online.

Lemaricus Davidson Gets 80 More Years in Torture-Slaying Case, June 14, 2010, Knoxville News Sentinel
     That’s 80 years on top of two death sentences for Knoxville Horror ringleader.

Mississippi Man Faces Sixth Capital Murder Trial in 1996 Shootings, June 9, 2010, CNN
     Convicted three times, sentenced to death twice, two hung juries.

8 Arrested After Downtown Attacks Continue, May 28, 2010, KUSA-TV (Denver)
     Gang members still randomly attacking white and Hispanic men in Denver.

Integration at Its Worst, May 28, 2010, AR Classic Article
     Prison life for white men.

Man Takes Life Sentence for Eve Carson Slaying, May 25, 2010, Times News (Burlington, North Carolina)
     Demario Atwater escapes another death sentence.

Brothers Sentenced to Six Years for 'Heinous' Attack, May 20, 2010, Buffalo News
     Beating up a white guy with black girlfriend is not a hate crime—if assailants are black.

Vanessa Coleman Acquitted of First-Degree Murder, May 14, 2010, Knoxville News Sentinel
     Jury finds Knoxville Horror accomplice guilty on only lesser charges.

Bullies Make Girl's Life a Nightmare, May 13, 2010, Toronto Sun
     Make that “Non-White Bullies Make White Girl’s Life a Nightmare.”

Nick Pearton, 16, Chased and Stabbed to Death in Park, May 7, 2010, Times of London
     Group of blacks beat and stab white boy; Scotland Yard says it wasn’t racially motivated.

'The First Punch Came, Landing on My Nose, Sending Blood Down My Face', May 6, 2010, London Independent
     Lefty UK reporter is beaten by Pakis for asking about voter fraud.

Young Father Has Face Sliced Open in Race Attack As His Terrified Son, 5, Looks On, May 6, 2010, Daily Mail (London)
     White man slashed in revenge attack by 20 Asians.

Detroit Boy, 13, Found Guilty of Murder in Woman's Death, May 4, 2010, Detroit Free Press
     He was 12 when he shot her.

Why Hasn't Hampton Assailant Been Charged With a Hate Crime?, May 3, 2010, Norfolk Examiner
     Apparently it takes more than a “tirade of racist profanity.”

We Are Not Your Weapons--We Are Women, April 26, 2010, Alternet
     White liberal is raped in Haiti; blames “racism” and “oppression.”

Guilty Plea in Death of UNC Student President, April 20, 2010, Google News
     Eve Carson killer avoids death penalty on federal charges; execution on state charges unlikely.

Flash Mob Victim's Untold Story, April 16, 2010, Philadelphia Inquirer
     White victim of black “flash mob” worries about the “kids” who beat her.

Murdered Grad Student Was Hunted, Gang Members Say, April 15, 2010, KUSA-TV (Denver)
     Black gang wanted to rob a “white person who looked like he had money.”

Don't Ignore Racial Aspect of Plaza Mobs, April 14, 2010, Kansas City Star
     Kansas City rampagers were black and they were out to frighten whites.

Border Violence Threatens Americans, April 2, 2010, Washington Times
     Intel agencies have been warning the feds for years but border stays unsecured.

What's Behind 'Flash Mobs'?, March 29, 2010, Philadelphia Inquirer
     They’re all black and they attack whites but there is no racial motive.

Lawyer Says His Client Stabbed Cedar Hill Woman But Didn't Mean To Kill Her, March 11, 2010, Dallas Morning News
     Black killer wanted white victim to “feel his pain,” says her family “probably owned slaves.”

Lytle Park Rapist Found Guilty, March 10, 2010, Enquirer (Cincinnati)
     Rapist: “Nobody cares about a white b— in Over-the-Rhine.”

Judge Stacks Prison Sentences for George Thomas in Torture-Slayings, March 5, 2010, Knoxville News Sentinel
     Third killer in Knoxville Horror gets two life sentences without parole.

White Woman Says Attack Was Racist, March 5, 2010, Queens Chronicle
     Beating victim presses hate-crime charges.


MANY MORE STORIES HERE!  http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/minorityonwhi...

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