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Mary and Nate Kaiser are now friends.
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22 minutes ago
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Pearl and Nate Kaiser are now friends.
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37 minutes ago
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BRUNNER and David Kester are now friends.
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2 hours ago
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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler and Fulla Ludwig are now friends.
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Fulla Ludwig
Fulla Ludwig and Nate Kaiser are now friends.
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MSG.Smith NSMTX Region7Director
Male | United States
"hope everyone is getting geared up for the Nov.rally in TX come 1 come..."
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Rachel Campbell
liers and nigers
10/23/2014 |
i hate them both so much this is nigers for you why do we have to let nigers controll use wait we dont we just chose to
Chicago Man Asks Obama to Not Touch His Girlfriend
10/22/2014 |
John Martinis
White people need to stand-up for themselves!
10/21/2014 |
White Europeans throughout history have had to struggle hard for their achievements and liberties both individually and collectively. In the past half...
david garcia
my websites
10/21/2014 |
http://holyhoax.wordpress.com http://sdrv.ms/MrMETq
Nate Kaiser
10/20/2014 |
I've been reading a lot about circumcision lately and wondering if it would be the right thing for my boy. From what I've read, Nazis weren't too big ...