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Ireneo Longo
Ireneo Longo and Rachel Campbell are now friends.
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3 minutes ago
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fan0frammstein88 added a new comment on AlainVVV's poll.
Just keep the Muslims out of our countries and we'll be fine.
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2 hours ago
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A.K.I.A. and Alexander are now friends.
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3 hours ago
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John Martinis
John Martinis and Jena Bucholtz are now friends.
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8 hours ago
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Jena Bucholtz
Jena Bucholtz and Jack E are now friends.
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8 hours ago
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Jack E
8 hours ago
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chris cornett
blaming mexicans for meth?
10/19/2014 |
OK I wanna start of by saying I'm by no means a beaner lover. I hate border hoppers. But I think its funny the KKK says Mexicans are the ones responsi...
Isle of Wight
The TRUTH: Police Officer Darren Wilson was Attacked by Michael Brown in F...
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What will the blacks say now? NY Times article link in post here @: http://fox2now.com/2014/10/17/new-york-times-officer-darren-wilsons-account-of-t...
10/12/2014 |
Kick them Black Arsed Ebola Carriers out - I dont want them near me !!
Too Funny for 'Real' Radio...
10/12/2014 |